[REQUEST] LSCustoms whitelisted by steamid/license

I’ve searched on the forum but didn’t find anything.

It would be lovely to have a lscustoms that can be only opened by a mechanic [whitelisted by steamid] and not by all civilians.
It gives a more RP game on servers.

I’m not sure about any resources which support that, but if you already have a good lscustoms script you can try to modify it if you have any lua experience. Check out GetPlayerIdentifier

You using a framework? If so, why not whitelist it to the mechanic job?

And also, might be a good idea to link the lscustoms you’re using/planning on using? :wink:

I use esx framework. I will try to make it whitelist by job. But I don’t know how to lua in esx. I know only few things. Still learning it.

download link:
This is the one that I am using. Still trying to work on it