[REQUEST] lock script

I have been looking for a lock script for a while and there is one that is on the releases but when i tested the script in my server and tryed getting the key it says it can’t find the key in the car so if someone can make a simple lock script that is just /lock /unlock and maybe add a keybinding that would be awesome thanks

Please LockSystem is annoying having to find keys and everything I wish there was another one out to use.

1:[Release] Simple Vehicle Control Script

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No. He said he hates finding keys for cars so he wants a script without it.

Thanks I’ll try this script. looks like a good script

When you have vMenu in game you can’t have a saved vehicle since it’s not in the menu and in order to lock the vehicle it must be your vehicle.

1:He did not say that he has vmenu
2:If you look at the commands it would show you that there is a command to save the car

@Dev_Rocket you know if there is a line a code that i could in the lock script to make it so you can use hotkey and chat commands?

im not sure I would have to look but have things for servers I have to do you can add the hotkeys if u know how

@Dev_Rocket I’m not sure how to do it that’s why i asked