[Request] EUP / Emergency Uniforms Pack

Hi guys,

Is there a way to stream EUP clothing?

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Yes you can, just follow this tutorial :slight_smile:

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If I believe rightly, EUP is a bit more then just ped models - it’s range of customization to the character is quite good.

Its not a model, they are loose shirts, hats, etc.

There may be a way to stream them as addon clothing, however I don’t think anyone has quite figured out how yet.
If you try streaming them as replacements it does not seem to work. Either doing nothing or being invisible in-game.

Using a method similar to the one in this topic you might be able to find a way to stream it.

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If you are able to extract the models / hats etc. from the update.rpf and further you can stream them from server-side, I’ll see if it works and I’ll edit my post.

No, it doesn’t work. As far as I know, you can’t stream the files that are inside the directories, they would already go over the resource limit unless you merge resources together, and the files are just messy in general, if you do find a way, be sure to let me know.

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is EUP client sided or server sided because i see some people in game with multiplayer skin wearing the uniforms like firemen pants with a sheriff shirt so weird everyone says it is my game but i don’t see nothing in my game directory how can uninstalled it.

how do i change my outfit/ped to the eup model

Use your f4 menu, cycle through the clothing outfits.

  • Shirt Overlay is the shirt
  • Teeth are the weapons you can put on your belt
  • Badges, well some are rank patches such as Cpl, & SGT