Renzu_projectcars - Build your Dream Car

why can i not join

i need help joining your server

can i get some help joining server

is there a way to make it generate the plates with 8 numbers and letters instead of just 6?

Can You Help me this ?

Is it possible to get this updated to the newest core

Can i add bikes too?

i tried bikes, i couldn’t add most parts to it. it said i was too far away. im working on a fix for it.

hey my friend, how to consume paint
how to consume the inks? there is a way to use and remove them from the inventory

Please help!

it does not remove blueprint from player inventory when the player uses it, allowing the players to build unlimited cars
I think we can do this by adding vehicle blueprint item to esx_basicneeds but i’m not sure which client event needs to be triggered when the item is used and to show up the UI

Not working for me! No error or nothing pops up when I use the items!

Any idea or solution?

Using ESX-Legacy with ox inventory


Hello, we have just loaded the script and are using QB-Core. I have also set this in the cinfig and we always get errors in the console:

Guys, please be aware, the original script creator has not been seen with a single day of activity for almost 10 months. Some folks in the community might be able to help, but noone has any idea where the creator has gone, or if they are okay.

Im not gone, dont spread nonsense,

Im just done supporting in public. Cause most of them have basic issue like, incomplete database install, framework updates, eg. Exports… ex. qbcore who always change exports in the past.

I believe they can managed it, if they have brain.

I dont think it is spreading nonsense, to express concern for you since you had not responded to … any of your posts, in nearly a year. I think it is an absolutely fair conclusion to make.

I think most of the issues people have/have had, is that the scripts have not been updated since the version of qb that was before the major updates to qb, back in december. It is a real task to modernize/fix the scripts you had put out, prior to that update, for QB users, and even some ESX users I hear.

I am glad to see you are alive and well. I really look forward to you potential updating and optimizing your scripts. They were very wonderful, for their time. :slight_smile:

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I am trying to use this for QB Core, but am getting this error. Can anybody help please?

SCRIPT ERROR: @renzu_projectcars/client.lua:195: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘GarageInside’)

OneSync IS enabled.