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create a job admin and put there in cfg admin and let them tuning free by discount to job

this is true

create a ISSUE at Issues · renzuzu/renzu_customs · GitHub

Can you do some repro and more informative
Like what mod

Someone report me about exras

You mean admin menu can be used anywhere?

when trying to install an upgrade, nothing happens except the remove money. When trying to access to the stock, the marker disappear and nothing happens.

what upgrade ? see if any message from F8
about the stock upgrade, sounds like missing contextmenu

any suggestion to this error

Hi renzu we got your script is great mechanic script only issue we had is the custom turbos etc wasn’t saving but they are now we sorted that. only issue we have now is if we change someone’s cars plate to a private one it doesn’t let you put the car back in the garage. this happened after we downloaded and are using your script, they saved and stored okay before. we are using our own garage script aswell.

Saving must be related to plates spaces

in renzu_customs change getsharedobject to GetCoreObject that might work

I know you will kill me, but could you take a look at modifying the wheels of the motorcycles that only modifies the front ones, and it seems brutal to me that the things you do are free, thank you very much for the great work you do

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any help with this?

Script overall is pretty nice, just some of our player complain UI takes forever to move for them. I never experienced any lag/delay with any UI and I have slower PC than them. Would you know what is the cause? It happens with other NUI resources as well, but I couldn’t point point the issue yet.

Im actually thinking removing transition / animation in css.

Its the one causing it.

When people cpu is 90% above
They usually exp ui lag.

My own solution is lowering fivem resolution or limiting fps. Or removing css transition or effects

How can Translate menu of renzu custom? type window tint ,performace part etc…

the label?
its a


Can you share the version without animation and additional effects when ready?

how? in lua or css?

Just informing you, you should probably add vehicleseat check for the player tuning, otherwise multiple people can access same vehicles tuning menu and with that, players can install mods for free.
Let’s call that step 1 in patching this.

After step 1, you can still install mods for free: How - To - Replicate

  • player X goes in vehicle[1], opens install menu, but exits vehicle before the menu appears.

  • Then while standing outside vehicle with menu opened chooses mod, but doesn’t pay for it.

  • player Y goes in vehicle[1], opens install menu while player X has menu opened and voila, the mod is already installed

Kind of like that.
I did some dirty tricks to patch this, but I’m sure you can find more finessed way.
(my way: Checking with loop if is in vehicleseat and if not then closes everything)

I have a problem . when you install the colored lights or the neon lights when you turn off the vehicle the lights stay on all the time