Removing the map

Is anyone aware of some way of removing the default GTA 5 map? I have tried doing so by changing the
parameters inside ‘‘gta5.meta’’ - however, I am not entirely sure that it is still possible today to remove the map by just messing with the meta file. The only problem with removing it that way is the LOD that is still there no matter what (it cannot be removed by moving the LOD levels through ymaps). I then thought that it would be the ‘‘farlods.ydd’’ file that causes LOD to apper. However, deleting the polygons in all meshes had 0 effect on the world.

If there are other known ways that you know of or if you can provide any hints - let me know!
The version of ‘‘gta5.meta’’ that I usegta5.meta (31.7 KB)

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++ Also interested.
Please tell me how to completely remove the game map.

Try asking in the codewalker server. Can find it on Google.

Asked, they could not help there:(

Also looking for a solution to this


Also looking for a solution to this

Also looking for the anwser

I found this mod that removes the entire map, but I don’t know how to convert it to fivem.

LINK: GTA V empty map -

Maybe you guys, is searching for this one ?

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thanks :heart: :heart: :heart: