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I’d love to add animals, but I really haven’t explored scenarios to that degree. I know how to add them doing basic stuff like eating or whatever but as you say, they’re either static or dead.

I’d have to look at some scenario chains done in Los Santos, mainly around the airport there, and replicate it, the main issue is, Cayo Perico is outside the normal bounds of the GTA 5 map, so getting the height placement when the water quads are non existence and don’t show up in codewalker, is a little difficult.

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Update 23 June 2022 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :desert_island:

  • Added snippet from " How-To Load CayoPerico minimap all of the time" by @AvaN0x

  • Decreased wait time to 185

Please see BUGS :bug: section regarding the minimap

  • Added back original collision file to fix an issue reported @HowDoPlayGame
See comment here:

Thanks for sticking with me and enjoying my resources :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :desert_island:

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hey man did u solve it? I have same problem.

yes …
i have two iplLoader in the server i stoped one of them, then it work

What IPL loaders?

thx man it’s work like charm

If someone can tell me exactly what IPL loaders, I’ll mention it in the bugs section as a conflict. Someone mentioned bob74_ipl however iirc, that doesn’t do anything for Cayo Perico.

some IPLLoader scripts have this.


maybe that’s what it make texture in hangar not appear
when I enable it texture gone. but when I disable it texture have appear

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Thanks, I’ll keep a note of this

you are welcome

i have [Territories] script and it need IPL loaders to work but this ipl loader and i have one more ipl loader for map so if you have tow ipl loader it cause the problem else you need to edit it and fine the loader cause the problem w stop it
sorry for my english

Your English is good :blush:. Thank you for information :pray:

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