[Releases] [ESX] Personal Menu

FiveM ESX Script

Hey Today I present a simple script that shows users a menu with the most common things.

It is completely configurable and comes with a small tutorial to add more things to the menu.

All the lines that you must change and a pack with the resources that I am using for this menu on my current server are also commented.

Preview -> Personal Menu - FiveM ESX - YouTube

Download -> GitHub - javimr2001/Personal-Menu: FiveM ESX Script

MENU IS FULL CONFIGURABLE, this are my dependencies for MY menu!

SimpleCinematic -> [Release] Simple Cinematic
jsfour-idcard -> [Release] jsfour-idcard [ESX]
esx_billing -> GitHub - esx-framework/esx_billing: FXServer ESX Billing
fs_taxi (On github)
esx_hud (On github)

I hope it is useful to you


At least a screenshot of what people should expect when downloading this would go a long way :wink:


Ye, im on it!

If you have a legitimate concern that this resource (or a part of it) has been stolen or something close to that, flag the topic and explain it to the moderators instead - no need to create potential drama publcily.

good, the script sends an error at startup that has to do with the job code. any solution ?

It may be if you start it once you have the character loaded into the game. If the script is started in the cfg, there should be no problem.

Otherwise, to solve that error, you just have to exit and re-enter the server

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Ok other error , the hud dont work thirst and hunger! Solution ?

I have a problem with the menu doesn’t opend

My menu doesnt open

Not work show the licences