[RELEASE] XNLRealPlanes, GPWS, TCAS and Designated Airspaces for (commercial!) aircrafts ("Plane Computer Sound Effects")

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I’m NOT going to make an entire debate out of it, but: I DO NOT allow it if people want to use my scripts (updated/“modified” or not!) or parts of it to be “re-released” in PAID mods/scripts! I’m putting effort and time in it to make it available for FREE so others can enjoy it and learn from it. And honestly i personally find it disturbing that a community is ‘going to hell’ by making so many “paid mods”. As a professional developer I understand that people want to make some money on programming, but not like this. We can either make this great together and help each other or start competing “commercially” with each other and ruin it for everyone! My scripts are MUCH easier for me to “just NOT make them universal” for other (but directly intergrating them into my OWN framework instead). I however CHOOSE to make some of them usefull as external scripts for others to learn from… so NO you CAN NOT use them in your paid content! Now please stop asking that in my Private messages or on GH!

Well hello all, back again with yet another release :slight_smile:

This time with a script/mod called XNLRealPlanes. And from what I could find also a rather unique script this time :slight_smile: I could only find one hit for a server and no scripts when searching for GPWS (but don’t know how they use/made it though), and none when searching for TCAS at the forum(s).

This script adds ‘basic (semi)realistic aircraft sounds’ to the commercial aircraft’s, and assigns designated airspace’s to each ‘aircraft class’.

I’ve yet again made it in a way that it is NOT depending on any framework (like ESX, vRP or my own (unreleased XNL Framework). It should and will work on any type of server, and ALL options and settings are configurable in the variables, lots of options can even be configured PER aircraft!


The "micro description" is for all those TL/DR people whom later complain they don't know how a

certain function works :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

The basic features of this script are:

  • GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System)
  • TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System)
  • Designated airspace’s (altitude) per aircraft class
  • Automatic airport map blips where the current aircraft can/is allowed to land
  • Automatic “Airport Zone” recognition for GPWS/TCAS to respond to
  • Autopilot mode (can fly with A.I. to the map marker and circle till you disable it!)
  • “Glide Slope”, Which is how I implemented an “automated landing assistant”
  • EXTENSIVE customization options in settings variables
  • GENEROUSLY commented code
  • client only (so no server load aside from the audio files streaming :slight_smile: )
  • Audio files are compressed and high quality mastered (all did by me myself and less than 1MB total)

Demonstration video:

NOTE: This script/mod does NOT include any possible custom vehicles or textures seen in this video!

Extended Description

  • GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System)
    • 3 level Ground Warning system (GPWS)
      • To low, Terain
      • Terain, Terain, Terain
      • Whoop Whoop, Pull up
    • ‘Bank Angle’ (Defined per plane type according ‘official regulations!’)
    • Stall/Stick-shaker sound and registration (for Point rewarding etc)
    • ‘Sink Rate’ message when descending to much/steep/fast while landing
    • V1 message when achieving “V1” (the takeoff speed REQUIRED for a valid takeoff in my version though!)
    • “Ring, Ring” (Bells) alarm on heavy engine damage/fire
    • “Decision Height” announcement when achieving the required cruising altitude for the current airplane
    • “Don’t Sink” message when descending during takeoff (losing altitude)
    • 2 levels of (landing)Gear messages
      • “To Low Gear” warning on first detection
      • Continuous Landing Gear beep when ignoring the “To Low Gear” message and
        continuing to decent

  • TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System)
    • “TCAS Test Pass” Check/Message when plane is ‘okay’ and allowed for take off (not much to no damage)

    • “TCAS Test Fail BEEP” Check/Message when plane is (slighly) damaged and it’s NOT adviced to fly it!

    • “TCAS Test Fail BEEP” followed by non stop “Beep, Beep, Beep”: Plane is TO damaged to fly and should DEFINITLY not be used!

        NOTE: This "Beep, beep, beep..." only happens when starting the plane or on ground, 
          when sustaining damage mid air it will NOT trigger/activate this alarm
    • “Traffic, Traffic” when detecting planes, helicopters or OFFICIAL (LS) Airport Vehicles in it’s path or behind it

    • It will ONLY detect vehicles which are occupied! So you won’t go ‘bonkers’ due to parked planes and such

    • Ground TCAS will only trigger/activate while you are moving/taxiing (standing still/holding does not cause warning)

    • “Climb, climb now” when detecting a plane or helicopter in-front or behind it which is LOWER than the player

    • “Descend, Descend Now” when detecting a plane or helicopter in-front or behind it which is HIGHER than the player

    • “Clear Of Conflict” is called out when TCAS has detected that either the ground or air conflict has been resolved

    • If TCAS detects a fail, it will NOT call out TCAS alerts on the runway or in flight either!

NOTE: The “TCAS Advice” might not always be the ‘safest choice’ to follow :wink: it will say Climb when the aircraft you are about to collide with is (a bit) bellow you, and will say Descend when it’s above you (EVEN WHEN YOU ARE CLOSE TO GROUND!) So it’s ALWAYS advised to make your own ‘improved decision’ but at least it does warn you most of the time :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Designated airspace’s (altitude) per aircraft class
    • Different aircraft models and types will have their own ‘assigned airspace’
      - Crop Duster Plane: 16 - 100M
      - Helicopters: 50 - 500M
      - Smaller “Private Planes”: 650 - 750M
      - Shamal, Luxor, Luxor2 and Nimbus: 700 - 800M
      - Titan: 850 - 950M
      - Miljet: 1000 - 1100M
      - Jet & CargoPlane: 1200 - 1300M

      Smaller “Private Planes” Include: Dodo, Cuban800, Mammatus, Velum and Velum2

    • IF you keep the Altitude and ‘flight instructions’ text enabled at the bottom right of the screen, it will also tell you if you are in your designated airspace, if you are above or bellow it, and it will also show if you need to keep climbing (after take off)

  • Automatic airport map blips where the current aircraft can/is allowed to land
    • Can be turned on and off by a simple variable
    • Can set PER plane/aircraft type (supported by this script) if it is allowed to land there and thus should show the blip
    • Blips can be set to only show when near them or always show them on the mini map (ONLY when in a plane of-course)
    • Blips will automatically be removed when leaving the aircraft
    • Every blip has it’s own color so it’s much easier to keep them apart during flights

  • Automatic “Airport Zone” recognition for GPWS/TCAS to respond to
    • Airports have their own zone/radius and are recognized as ‘allowed to land zone’
    • These can be enabled and disabled PER aircraft or aircraft type (in the settings)
    • Radius can easily be changed in the lua file also
    • When you set an airport to ‘not allowed’ for a certain plane, GPWS will not recognize it as an ‘land-able zone’ either
    • Supports ‘the aircraft carrier’ location for helicopters (you can turn it on/off in the variables!)

  • Autopilot mode (can fly with A.I. to the map marker and circle till you disable it!)
    • Players can use autopilot mode when they are at the correct cruising altitude
    • Gears have to be retracted, aircraft damage (engine) has to be bellow 500 to use
    • ONLY the pilot can use the autopilot function
    • When using autopilot the GPWS warnings and TCAS will be IGNORED!
      • BUT IF there is a co-pilot he/she WILL still hear/get the warnings though!
      • This CAN be solved by syncing the auto pilot state over network through the server
        but I DECIDED ON PURPOSE not to do so, since for MY server it’s unneeded extra data being sent which we don’t need anyway (so it’s NOT important if that data is synced for us!) Since when doing co-op missions as pilots, our co-pilot will NOT be punished for pilot errors anyway!
    • Auto pilot will fly at it’s assigned cruising altitude to the waypoint set on the map, then when reaching it it will keep circling that location.
    • Keys and key (display) name are easily changeable in the settings variables
    • Autopilot ability can be enabled/disabler PER plane type defined in this script
    • Autopilot can also be fully disabled in the script entirely if you want to

Some important notes on the autopilot: It’s a fully AI controlled system (by using an existing game/engine native!) which also means it CAN behave a bit erratic from time to time by making sudden turns or making the ‘holding circle’ insanely large! Although we have tested MANY parameters and came to the conclusion that the current settings work best for a fairly decent and stable flight. Although please do keep in mind that the autopilot IS capable of flying into stuff if for some weird reason it’s path becomes obstructed (by modded buildings or when it has for some unknown reason descended to much (descending SHOULD NOT happen though!). The autopilot will also NOT take TCAS messages into account and will just IGNORE them, so you will still need to monitor your plane like a real pilot should!

  • “Glide Slope”, Which is how I implemented an “automated landing assistant”
    • When making the approach correctly AND having having completed a full takeoff (including going to ‘decision height’) you will get the option to press [F10] and activate ‘glide slope’, The “Aircraft Computer” will then take over the landing and proceed to land.
    • Using “Glide Slope” is only possible when you have your landing gear deployed, don’t have (to much)
      damage and when you’re the main pilot
    • I’m 100%!! aware that this is NOT what glide slope actually is and what it’s for, but it’s a ‘nice fitting’ sound effect to add a bit more dimension to the game itself. If you are ‘to annoyed and whiny’ that it’s not correct or ‘real enough’ then please be my guest and replace the OGG’s with something you would like to use :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: For my server and players it’s a good fit for some extra dimension to the flying experience in GTA (and that’s all i’ve made this mod for)
    • “Glide Slope” can be deactivated again (if it goes ‘roque’ or handles incorrect, which IS possible since it’s GTA AI) by pressing [F10] again
    • So to add: YES it will help landing in 90% of the cases, BUT if you didn’t approached ‘decently enough’, to fast or ‘to angled’ it CAN still f*ck up big time and even crash, it’s still ‘game AI’ over which I/we don’t have full control.
    • The use of “Glide Slope” is also registred by the script and will report back when it reports XNL_OnPlayerFlightCompleted, so you can ‘deduct points or XP/RP’ for example during pilot missions if the player didn’t landed manually.

  • EXTENSIVE customization options in settings variables
    • Nearly (if not) every feature can independently set, enabled or disabled in the variables,
      and even PER (supported aircraft)
  • GENEROUSLY commented code
    • Tried to comment it as much and extensively as possible so (nearly) all levels of scripters can understand what’s going on and where in the script :slight_smile:
  • client only (so no server load aside from the audio files streaming :slight_smile: )
    • No server data or ‘stats’ are being transferred to keep
  • Audio files are compressed and high quality mastered (all did by me myself)
    • Sounds are from original recordings from a Boeing Cockpit during test procedures
    • Sounds are optimized for bandwidth performance (24 OGG sound effects which are all together bellow 1MB! (980kb))
    • Sound effects are as much as possible normalized (same volume level)
    • All sound effects are ‘optimally’ edited to reduce/remove any white noise from the microphone and surrounding during recording as much as possible to.

Which aircraft's are supported?

All (SUPPORTED!) planes (which are the 'commercial ones') have TCAS and GPWS and all have their own flight data which it responds to, like banking angles, assigned flight altitude, sink rates etc. Military aircraft's such as the jet's (hydra or lazer) DO NOT have my system included (but you could easily add them yourself if needed) since we do not use military aircraft's or weaponized aircrafts at all on our server.

REALISM NOTE: Of course it’s not nearly as realistic as a flight simulator (NOT AT ALL even), BUT it does give a much more enhanced experience to flying in GTA, plus it adds alot more ‘effect’ and ‘feeling’ to flight missions or on role-play servers. Especially since it also includes assigned airspace’s, allowed airports for certain groups etc.

Please do note that TCAS ONLY supports “Climb, Climb now” and “Descend, Descend Now” messages to ‘avoid collision’, however it does NOT take in account your current flying altitude so it might declare 'Descend now" while you are already ‘near crashing’ altitude! TCAS does NOT detect or ‘avoid’ side crashes (but it SHOULD report to the player coming from your side that it should either descend or climb). Neither does it cover ‘crossing situations’ like it would in Real Life. AND NOPE TCAS will NOT always give ‘smart advice’ but often it did proven effective during our testing phase, so far even that it has prevented multiple crashes with our AI air traffic several times on instances where we REALLY didn’t noticed them on time. And YUP it DID saved our plane, so even though it’s limited it definitely has effect haha.

GPWS does report if the user has landed, and if it has detected you’re on (or NEAR) an airport, BUT it does NOT detect if you used the appropiate landing direction or if you even landed ON the landingstrip. This WOULD be possible by doing A LOT of scans and such for detection on roads, in radius searches etc. But I did NOT WANTED that since it’s also much more resourche intensive, and would make this mod MUCH more work and give it a ‘near flight simulator’ effect (which would require MUCH more other details to be included). I just want(ed) to add a BIT more realism to flying in GTA for role-playing and the flight missions and jobs we have on our server, and that is what worked out very well and even got expanded to much more ‘detail’ than I originally planned on doing (AGAIN :stuck_out_tongue: )

Is it standalone or does it need dependency's?

It doesn't need any dependency's. But just like my other scripts I did included functions which can be used and which are called when the player interacts with the aircraft's. These functions can be used to make your own flight missions, check if the player has completed a flight like he should have (using the 'required procedures etc)

It can also be used to detect IF the player made pilot errors during takeoff, flight and landing for score keeping :slight_smile:

XNL_OnPlayerTakeoffComplete(V1ProperlyDeclared, NumberOfPilotErrors)
XNL_OnPlayerFlightCompleted(TakeOffFrom, LandedAt, TotalPilotErrors, PlayerUsedAutopilot)

IF and WHEN you need those functions: They are all well documented and explained in the code itself :slight_smile: Those function blocks are ALL EMPTY and there for you to script and/or develop with :slight_smile:

They are called by the script at locations where needed and made in a way so you could make them work with your flight missions for example.

BUT: You DO NOT need them if you just want to use this script stand-alone, you can just ‘copy-paste’ this script onto your server and it should/will work without any scripting :slight_smile:

Special note for 'realism bitching'

Yup a special "section" for a response to 'realism bitching' haha :stuck_out_tongue: I'm 1000% aware that most messages, sounds, heights bla bla bla aren't anything close to realism,

BUT let’s stay open and honest here: It’s GTA and not freaking Flight Simulator :wink:

Initially I had created it for MY server (PRIVATE server even) but several people whom helped me where quite enthusiastic about it and requested me to adapt it to a stand-alone script so it can be used by others to. And thus I did. It IS indeed for my Realism Role play server, BUT just to give a little bit more emersion and a more ‘enhanced experience’ to flying in GTA. And this before people ask:
NOPE, I will NOT put more effort into it than I already have (which is A LOT already and WAY more than planned since it just started out with an “whoop whoop pull up” joke in voice chat! :wink: ) to make it Fully Realistic Matching with real planes.

We do role play on my server, but not in a way that we need to bitch about every little detail and go up in total character role playing. My server is kinda more like a ‘real life simulator effect’ i suppose (where you can and should do all things you need to do in real life to (work, pay rent, study, work your way up a company ladder etc etc, but for us it’s still a game)…

HOWEVER, I can see if people whom are super flight simulator geeks are ‘annoyed’ by the sounds not all matching where they should (like V1 being used as 'allowed take-off speed, instead of ‘point of no return’) or any of that. Well IF that’s the case then please : JUST DO NOT INSTALL IT but don’t complain here either :wink: It’s not meant to be THAT serious, it’s meant to give more fun and a more interactive flying experience to the server/GTA game :slight_smile: I’m also flying myself (in small aircraft’s) in real life and don’t get annoyed by it either, so flight sim guys: Chill down and take a :cookie: :stuck_out_tongue:

Download Link

You can download the latest version (1.0) from my


License about using/re-using can be found at my Github.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Yess mate love you, im sure all the other aviation geeks will too


Thanks :slight_smile: hope so, although it’s not 100% accurate to realism we definitely love this addition to our server and it made flying in GTA much more awesome for us in our server :slight_smile:


yes this is great, was hoping for someone to release it and you have done a tremendous job on it.


Thanks it’s 100% custom made from scratch :slight_smile:


Good, finally an original release!

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All mine (except the RideAnimals which i have extended A LOT) are 100% from scratch :wink: actually the thing i like to do most: Scripting and then also scripting it all from ground up haha


This is AWESOME, thanks for this!


You are a mother firetruck legend, I love you. This will make planes much more greater than they’re now.

Sweet release venom +1 from me.


Like this man keep it up!

Wow man, great work yet again. Looking forward to what you got next lol

Damn your taking my ideas :joy: But damn holy smoke awesome release! Great job as usual! :sunglasses:

wew, been thinking of making this for a long time but never got around to, great release!

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Thanks man

Thanks mate :+1::smile:

Thanks Appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks man, currently working on another big release, but this on is VERY complicated and VERY comprehensive, actually THIS one (the GPWS) was “just made” to have break from the "real big release’ pffff haha, BUT it’s quite far now and hoping to have it done in a month or so :slight_smile:

Taking you’re idea’s would only be possible if i knew about them :stuck_out_tongue: haha Or i might have installed ‘mind reading spyware on you?’ :wink: whom knows :stuck_out_tongue: ahha Thanks man :+1:

To be honest I expected it to be done ‘a bit faster’ when i started, but it kept expanding WAY beyond what i had planned hahah. Glad you appreciate the effort :slight_smile:

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haha 12345

Great script! But is the auto gliding only available at LS airport? Tried at sandy and zancudo but doesnt work

At zandcudo it is availible but only from inland (not the ‘seaside’ side), and indeed at Sandy shores it doesn’t have glide slope since it’s just a ‘sand field’ (basically used the ‘low tech airfield’ aspect for the ‘sandy ones’ :slight_smile: )

And of course it depends on the the of aircraft, if the plane you’re flying in makes Zanduco show up on the map it will also have glideslope available.

BUT what i’m not sure if i put it in the post: You will have to complete a full (correct) take off to be able to use glideslope, if the takeoff hasn’t been completed (not reaching correct altitude for example) it will not allow it either (kinda as a ‘sort of player punishment’ for not following regulations)

Ah ok. Thanks for quick reply and detailed response :wink:

Awesome <3
Small idea, maybe add MiniMap Components for Airport lift-off markers? :smiley:

Native https://runtime.fivem.net/doc/natives/#_0x75A9A10948D1DEA6
Video: https://gfycat.com/skinnypinkchupacabra

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