[Release] xnArena


Enterable Arena interior with custom interior inspired by Nascar. Also has a functioning pitlane. Entraces are inside and outside of the Maze Bank Arena. Check the video for the exact locations!


Copy xnArena to your resources folder and add start xnArena to your server.cfg


There is a whole heap of customisation options in client/config.lua but I would recommend leaving everything as is to keep it the way it is.


If you have any map resources that load and unload ipls, please make sure they aren’t touching xs_arena_banners_ipl , sp1_10_real_interior , xs_arena_interior and xs_arena_interior_vip as they are needed for this resource.

This uses a custom entitySet to spawn the modified interior set_nascar_01 this means the other alternates in the interior work fine still!

Download and Source


Thanks to @VillaNuwa for assisting with some of the prop placements in the grassed area in the centre of the arena.


Video Showoff


Looking good!

YAYAYAYAYAYYAYA Was waiting weeks for this

Wow, really nice release :+1:

Cool now i can get something to work with. very nice release

when i use the teleports to from the vip room to the race track, it puts me out in the ocean. its easy enough to reproduce the problem, thought it might have been something to do with the teleporters but there is something else going on.

Doesn’t seem to do that for me, just tested it several times going between multiple makers. Like I mentioned in the original post do you happen to have some other resource messing with ipl loading and stuff

it could even be my computer, its about 15k years old. thanks for the quick reply, non of my players are awake right now, if it works for everyone else I will leave it, I can get in to all the areas fine, its just that one teleport the right teleporter in the vip area. thanks again been waiting for a arena map for ages!

Amazing job as always bro

My man!! Lets freaking go!!! You are awesome!!

I gotta say this is is really nice, out of all the racetrack maps out there this is by far the best one I have seen. As someone that grew up in the birthplace of NASCAR this really does the sport justice. The detail and time put into this really shows.

This is great! Only thing is the dead silence inside the arena… how easy or is it even possible to add ambient sounds of a crowd cheering or something? Would add a whole new level of realism to this.

not easy at all

Hi, I’m loving this release but i’m getting the same thing as Spacetrucker. When going down to the arena from VIP it doesn’t load.

The only other IPL loader i’ve got is bob74_ipl. But i tried it again without that enabled and it still happens

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How do i do it ?

Wowww That what i called a nice release can’t wait to use it :100:

How can i disable arena wars interior?

I’ve said it in this thread a bunch. Try reading above.

When I go to start server its says it could not load metadata file resource.lua
Can anyone help?

Update your server. Your build must be at least 4 months old for that to happen.