[Release] WM-ServerSirens - FiveM Server Side Siren Resource - Walshey & Marcus

The sirens are numeric
SIREN_1 etc

The sound set name etc is in the variables at the top of the script, so

I did try PlaySoundFromEntity(snd_lxsiren[veh], "SIREN_1", veh, "dlc_sirens_soundset", 0, 0) but it doesn’t seem to work. Is it the nametable file that would be causing an issue? Don’t know if the nametable file really matters or not. I’ve read up on this topic to see if it would help [ Tutorial ] - How to create an add-on engine sounds dlc | GTA5-Mods.com Forums, but no luck so far.

Here is my resource:

I’ve tried creating a .nametable file and everything but still nothing plays. I am not good with this stuff lol. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Hey! Sirens sound horrible. Its very different than waw file? What I can do? I use non els aka Lux_vehcontorl.

I integrated WMServerSirens in ELS, I used it 5 months ago. So I don’t know if it’s working properly.