[Release] WM-ServerSirens - FiveM Server Side Siren Resource - Walshey & Marcus

Modify the sound file and turn it down through there. It’s the siren itself, script shouldn’t have to modify volume.

ok it works, thanks
but how to do #eModelsWithSet3 and more sets?
you know?

Hey, so far from what I see it may be best to only do a max of 2 additional sets as I haven’t been able to find any way to add more than 8 sirens. What you can do though is make a set (or default set so anything not listed) use default player-set sirens, Set2 using you’re first set of modded, and Set3 using your second set.
What you would do though Is like with set2, make a copy of the local eModelsWithSet2 (including the list) and paste, editing the name to eModelsWithSet3 and adding all of your vehicles. Next, copy the function useSecondSrn and paste it below, renaming it useThirdsrn, then edit the lines where it says “eModelsWithSet2” to “eModelsWithSet3”.
From here, Move down to where the sirens are called in (newstates) and add another elseif. For example, it should now look like

if newstate == 1 then
				if useFiretruckSiren(veh) then
					TogMuteDfltSrnForVeh(veh, false)
				elseif useSecondSrn(veh) then
					snd_lxsiren[veh] = GetSoundId()	
					PlaySoundFromEntity(snd_lxsiren[veh], "SIREN_ECHO", veh, "DLC_WMSIRENS_SOUNDSET", 0, 0)
					TogMuteDfltSrnForVeh(veh, true)
				elseif useThirdSrn(veh) then
					snd_lxsiren[veh] = GetSoundId()	
					PlaySoundFromEntity(snd_lxsiren[veh], "SIREN_ECHO", veh, "DLC_WMSIRENS_SOUNDSET", 0, 0)
					TogMuteDfltSrnForVeh(veh, true)
					snd_lxsiren[veh] = GetSoundId()	
					PlaySoundFromEntity(snd_lxsiren[veh], "SIREN_ALPHA", veh, "DLC_WMSIRENS_SOUNDSET", 0, 0)
					TogMuteDfltSrnForVeh(veh, true)

(Siren’s used were not edited above)

You should get the award for the most confusing ass resource ever


So is there a NON COMPLEX way for noobs to direvt specific vehicles to specific sirens using LuxArt NON ELS

I can’t seem to get the sirens to work, I’ve done every step to the T but when I get in-game, the emergency vehicles switch back to having radios and lights but no siren.

It has been well over a week, When will there be an update for the second awc pack?

It works perfect! Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: found a solution, never mind

You should post this siren on LSPDFR website I would love this for personal use

hello, i am a user who currently is helping a friend dev a server.

It has came to me that when i try this script with Luxart V3 i cant get it to work. i have spent 3 hours trying and nothing seems to work. Im using my own custom sounds and i made them the Siren_Bravo name and when i replace the name on the Luxart V3 to SIREN_BRAVO it just plays no audio. i use v3 cause i want multiple sirens for different departments but im stuck and need help!

Maybe make it possible/explain on how to add more sirens than the current amount

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How would I add extra sirens, for example default goes to siren_hotel but what if I needed like 3-4 more slots?

Any way to add more sounds then the 8 there is, trying to add some more.

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is there a way to have more sirens then the ones given to us if so how

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hey love this script, however ive installed it got it working in game however it disabled my els and i could only used siren alpha any idea how to fix this

did anyone fix issue of sirens not turning off with luxart im having this issue


I am using these custom server sided sirens
Which Work great with lux_vehcontrol

Does anyone have any idea on how i can configure them to work with MrDagree ELS???

Siren pack generator

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This is amazing. Thanks! :+1:

I ran the script as the instructions shown everything seems to be good, but I don’t know what names I would use in the PlaySoundFromEntity() function. Is there a soundset name that is different? I used to run it as PlaySoundFromEntity(snd_lxsiren[veh], "SIREN_ALPHA", veh, "DLC_WMSIRENS_SOUNDSET", 0, 0) but obviously it’s changed with the new .rel file generated. Is there a specific name to use in this function for the new ones?