[RELEASE][VRP] vRP Businesses

Hi… again… This time I’m releasing a really nice and helpful script, businesses for vRP!

So admins with the “create.biz” permission can create businesses with different names, descriptions and prices from the “Admin” menu!

Players can own as many businesses as they want, they can also put them up for sale and other players can buy them even if the owner is offline! Also, money is stored in the busines’s cash register and they get accumulate every hour also, even if the owner is offline!

In order for a business to generate profit, it needs to have stock available. 1 stock can be bought for 30% of the profit/1hr.

The profit per 1 hour is calculated using the formula (original price of business / 2000)



DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/DGVaniX/vRP/tree/master/vrp_biz


Wow this is going to make some fun rp you did a good job on the script i have a question to how do i change the dollar thingy

Will this be avible for ESX??

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hello beautiful script hopefully bait for esx or I’ll have to do it only :slight_smile: congratulations for the script

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esx please :slight_smile:

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Chant ESX as long as you want… Don’t you think if I made this for vRP and if it was made for my personal server, that I’m only familiar with vRP…?

This script and the rest of my scripts were made for my own server, for personal use, but I just decided one day to release them, they weren’t meant for the public :stuck_out_tongue:

Please think before posting, especially when you see other people with your type of message that didn’t get any response from me


And no offense but every time someone asks for a vRP version of ESX - the ESX people are quite fast to shout, code it yourself… looks at gcphone.

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love every resource you put out thank you and i use them on my vrp server

Very nice addon! This is going to add some cool investments to the server. If you consider feature requests, I’d love to be able to limit it to X businesses per person.

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Stop asking for esx ffs, just enjoy the damn script or move along :expressionless:

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Good job! :slight_smile:

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Amazing script, tried using it on a vRP test server and it’s amazing. I would try to convert it to ESX but i am a complete noob at scripting. Does anyone know how to convert it?

Don’t just i would i try it… Try it. What you have to loose. Analyze code from esx. Analyse his code then make the necessary edit. If you don’t try anything you will always be a noob.

Yeah, i might try something but it would probably not work. I’l let someone else convert it if anyone knows how.

With this script can i add second job in job display?

Hello can I question? Can you create this for ESX? Thanks