[Release]VORP Core RolePlay Gamemode

Use the command: /reloadclothes


Did you use Linux or Windows? Did you have a working database like mysql? And did you add the line

set mysql_connection_string “mysql://user:[email protected]/vorp”

to the server.cfg?



doesn`t work. Char had no skin. Clothes are no problem

and that said the Server:

cmd] No such command /reloadclothes.

Sorry very hung over today, so if this does not make any sense .

Im using zap-hosting and its Linux so mine looks like this.

set mysql_connection_string “server=mysql-mariadb-dal01-9-101.zap-hosting.com;database=zap708339-2;userid=********;password=**********;@/zap708339-2;connection timeout=60;default command timeout=60”

I did try and use it like wat was posted but it just errors out set mysql_connection_string “mysql://user:[email protected]/vorp”.

Okay i didnt have experience with zap hosting. Did they really have the dbs on a other server?


set mysql_connection_string “mysql://yourname:[email protected]/zap708339-2”

if that work you can try to set the times at the end of the line like:

set mysql_connection_string "mysql://yourname:[email protected]/zap708339-2;connection timeout=60;default command timeout=60”


set mysql_connection_string "mysql://yourname:[email protected]/zap708339-2?connection timeout=60;default command timeout=60”

In the Vorp documentation they took “acquireTimeout=60000&connectTimeout=60000” for times … you have to look wich work

Well I used this "set mysql_connection_string “mysql://zap708339-2:[email protected]/zap708339-2?connection timeout=60;default command timeout=60”” and I go it to start but same kinds errors, I know name and pass is there lol Ill change it later…

Screenshot by Lightshot and Screenshot by Lightshot

Did u remove the configfile?

yup I did.

can someone help me with this can’t get pass this

the http://docs.vorpcore.com:3000 is down again is there a way rubi216 that you could but them on GitHub as pdfs?


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Thank you!

I’m very sorry here’s a dumb question. How do I use the whitelist system and vop core?


If I translate the content into Chinese, no text will be displayed, how can I solve it?


I am having the same character not saving problem. I read the solution was to add the MySQL string pointing to localhost, tho my install is on a server. My SQL points to the main server db. I see in the localhost msql string that it has /VORP in it, should I have a table called VORP in my server database maybe? I did add all insert the .SQL to my server db but it did not work. ATM I can log in make character choose appearance clothes and name, after log in I am at valentine and everything seems fine, but if I log out it ask if I want to save and then save failed. Next time I log it says use character or delete or create new, but there is no character there to choose or delete I can only make a new one. Any help would be great :+1:

Thanks in advance.