[Release] Vehicle Extra Menu

I didn’t even know trailer extras existed…

Didn’t you wanted to do something today? A release or something?

lmao, I’m stuck on it mentally. such a simple script is leaving me mind fvcked

What exactly is your problem? Anything I can help with?

None present. Did check several times.

Really weird, can u send me the link to the car replacement?

hey man, love the idea a lot when it comes to the menu, even glad to use it.

facing an issue tho… can’t use it on any type of emergency vehicle… any way to fix that ?



Original Emergency Vehicles or Add-Ons/ Replacements?

originals, thx for fast reply appreciate it

Any specific vehicle? I just tried it and I have no problems…

with all of them tbh… no idea how it happens then if working for you … :persevere:

Do you get any Error Message in the Debug Console or the notification You have to be the driver of a vehicle to use this Menu.

no, non at all, it just ignores the fact that im trying to call the menu

sorry to have you in the dark like this, i honestly have 0 fault codes or so, yet it won’t work with cop cars nor ambu or so

Could you try this version:

VehicleExtraMenu.rar (3.1 KB)

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on it right now, thanks so much for the extended quick help

a 1000000 times i luv u, you genius fixed it, thankyouthankyouthankyou :3

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No Problem, I am glad I could help you :slight_smile:

@Noah_H Could you please try it too, to check if it is working?

so how is it that liveries aren’t shown in like garage shops and such ? i’m searching my ass off but like non menu to help me change my liv when trying to avoid use of mods : /

and pls, give me a donation link for paypal so i can get u a cop uf coffeee :3