[Release] Vehicle Extra Menu

[This has been removed]


You beat me to it :slightly_frowning_face: Love it though

I beat you because I already had it ^^ Just not standalone :grin:

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lol, if you saw my livery changer, that’s what I said, but I’ve got a new one, AND I’D PREFER YOU NOT BEAT ME TO IT!!!

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I won’ t :joy:

I am using my whole free time to work at my trainer, so… no time to beat you again :joy:

If you don’t see it up by Monday I will give you permission to beat me

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Damn Lool i requested this from XBZVY

Is this working for FX Server? It doesn’t seem to be working for me

Sweet release! Glad to see someone releasing stuff with the menu system.

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It does work, I am using FX and have no problems

Do you get any output about the menu in the Debug Console (F8)?

The menu is not activating in police vehicles for me. Not sure if this is on purpose or not.

Is the police vehicle perhaps an add-on?

Sorry for the delay. It’s a modded car but the vehicles are in the normal police slots.

Is the Menu opening and it doesn’t shows you any extras or doesn’t it even opens?

is there also a change to get trailers for cars?
This i would love to have :smiley:

Doesn’t even open. Although, it opens fine on civilian vehicles.

So you get this Message?

You have to be the driver of a vehicle to use this Menu.

Nope. Only get that when on the outside. Get absolutely nothing when trying to open the menu in police vehicles.

Also no error in the Debug Console?

Updated to v1.1.0

  • Added the ability to change extras of attached Trailers

Download in the First Post!