[Release] utility_cone

This is the first script created with my library




Amazing as ever!

so this is only for one object? why not have a config with objects to add, and why not using other jobs too, so each job can spawn different objects.

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you can simply copy and paste a string, i dont think that is too difficult

also if i could do another suggestion add a type of vehicle that can only be used to spawn objects.

yes, can be done, thanks for the tip

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just giving suggestions.

Updated, thanks for the tips!

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nicee i will def use it now. also i meant to say to use other jobs like this

config.jobs = { 
  police { 
   objects {
  ambulance = {
   object { 

I think that would be very interesting and useful as each job would have unique objects to spawn and not the same like mechanics and medics should not be spawning the same objects. thanks for the features. also maybe use fxmanifest.lua xD


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WOW dope. now we have a proper script. much love

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Nice script , maybe idea. Put limit of cone or props pres cars, for better roleplay ?
Like one car can have 4 cone atd etc… and put separate cars for each job ?

[ESX] [FREE] bm-placeobjects what a joker using your dependency with te same features lol

It can be used like an item?

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