[Release] Tornado Script


Lua-based “port” of CamxxCore’s ScriptHookV Tornado Script

  • Can be configured at runtime to move from A to B
  • Lifts vehicles and peds (can be configured)
  • Does not produce audio
  • Is not visible from a distance unfortunately

Feel free to make pull requests and updates!

How to use

  • Trigger “gd_tornado:summon” on the server to generate one based on the pre-configured spawns and destinations
  • Use /tornado_summon for the same effect
  • Use /tornado_dismiss or trigger “gd_tornado:dismiss” to remove it from the world (kinda)



Hey, that’s pretty good!

The West’s idea is in this less than 24 hours ago and I’ve got to put it in my city of course

I took him down but nothing happened. Is there any help?

seems to only pickup items from the spawn location even though the funnel moves around. And holy cow, frame rate killer LOL

Awesome job though. Wish I could use it.

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Too laggy to use for me lmao

Nothing happens for me. Does this require scripthook?

You should convert the tsunami mod next :ocean:


no, but it does require a super computer so your frames don’t bottom out.

:o this is pretty neat


But when I type the command, nothing spawns

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It says access denied ? do I need add a steam ID?

couldn’t say why, I didn’t make it. I put the resource in, added it to my server.cfg, restarted my server and it’s works like it’s supposed to.

They don’t spawn in front of you. It tells you the coords where it spawns, you can go to it to see it in action or change the coords to where you are. It’s so simple to use, my 5 year old grandson can do it.

its installed and loaded but says access denied any ideas?

“Access Denied for tornado_summon”

Because it doesn’t spawn on you, if you read the post you’d see it spawns at configured locations :wink:

Found out if you make the weather “thunder” or “foggy” there is almost no lag, it’s a win-win cause it adds to the immersion. :slight_smile:

Been waiting on this script for ever THANK YOU!

did you do anything with permissions? i get access denied

Do the command in console, or give yourself ace permissions.