[Release] Terrov Series - Graphics, Visuals, Textures, Physics Modifications

Welcome everyone. I have now been making graphics and conversions since April 2018. I want to thank everyone for being here since the start. My Co-Founder @GanjaMonster and I will be working very hard to provide the best visual experience with FiveM.

Information - (2021)

- FEBRUARY/17/2021 -

So as unbelievable this is to me… Apparently version 2.3 of the graphic packs that was listed as "Remastered or Remastered (ENB Fix) were actually very very uncomplete in terms of visuals… in fact it majority of it all looked essentially like vanilla game. I have now fixed the version 2.3 to what it should have been. I’m sorry if everyone was expecting more before… this is very much so a complete mod now (using the timecycles the original v2.3 had almost 2.5 years ago).

- FEBRUARY/09/2021 -

I know it has been a long while since I’ve updated any content. I am finally starting back up again to provide everyone with more fresh content. My intentions at the moment are listed below…

  • Release Graphics Pack Series (It’s a secret shh)
  • v2.3 Remastered will be completely polished. It will be named “v3.0” and it will be the final version of that series.

More will be added further on in time! First i’ll complete these! If anyone has suggestions do please let me know!

[details=“Download - Graphic Packs”]
Terrov Series V2.3 (2021 UPDATE RELEASED)


Terrov Series V2.4 DISCONTINUED (“Extra Sunny” only changed)


Download - Texture Packs

Conversion - LA Revo (roads overhaul)


Conversion - LA Vegetation (vegetation overhaul)


Conversion - Project Reload Texture Overhaul (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER TEXTURE PACKS)


Download - Physics

Terrov Series - Explosion Effects Overhaul - Version 1.0


Terrov Series - Fire Effects Overhaul - Version 1.0


Terrov Series - Clear Water - Version 1.0


Guide - Installing


  1. Open the downloaded file and proceed through the files. Go to the 2.3 Remastered “Content” folder.
  2. Drag and Drop both “citizen” and “addons” folder into your “FiveM\FiveM.app” (where the plugins folder is also located).
  3. Start your game and verify if your game is working correctly. If your game does not start please join our discord for detailed support on your issue (Link located in Terrov Youtube Videos Description).
Guide - Uninstalling
  1. Go to your FiveM directory and delete the following below.
    Located “FiveM\FiveM.app\citizen”

  2. Go to your FiveM directory and delete the following below
    Located “FiveM\FiveM.app”

  3. For ReShade go to your GTA V directory where it was installed. Remove the following below.

Media - Tutorials

How to install “ReShade for FiveM 2021” -
TUTORIAL | How To Install ReShade For FiveM 2021 - YouTube

How to install “ENB for FiveM 2021” -
TUTORIAL | How To Install ENB For FiveM 2021 - YouTube

How to install “LA Vegetation” -
TUTORIAL | How to install LA Vegetation For FiveM - YouTube

Screenshots - Terrov Series v2.3

Download - Texture Packs (DEV MODE ONLY)

Currently the Red Text Remover doesn’t work. Support is available in my Discord Server.

These texture packs are in no way compatible with the now outdated versions. Do not use them together. Also DO NOT mix the same type of texture pack such as LA REVO and LA ROADS.

Conversion - LA Roads (Roads Overhaul) (RED TEXT REMOVER DOESN’T WORK) -

Conversion - LA Revo (Roads Overhaul) (RED TEXT REMOVER DOESN’T WORK) -

Conversion - LA Vegetation (LA Revo Vegetation Overhaul) (RED TEXT REMOVER DOESN’T WORK) -

Conversion - LA Billboards (California Arch.) (RED TEXT REMOVER DOESN’T WORK) -



“I present to you… The Terrov Graphics Series” Sweet pictures BRO!!!


im trying to figure out how to post things alright lol. If someone knows how to code in like dropdown tabs. please dm me.


just do spoilers
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For the 2.1 Update I will be working on new timecycles and performance issues related to the rain and overcast timecycle.

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that’s why you read instructions

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I have found a few issues that i will work out for the next update such as some light bars not displaying any light, Fire hydrants deforming vehicles, performance issues related to specific weather.

hi james i really want to try your mod but im stuck on the reshade part, the video you linked showed how to get reshade generic shaders in which are .fx but didnt show how to get your specific shaders which are the original.ini, ultra hr.ini, ultra terrov.ini could you please tell me how i get these as i really want to try your version out…


They are located “Terrov Graphics 2.0 Remastered\Reshade Setup\Terrov Reshade Presets” Now just asking… did you install it where FiveM.exe is because thats where reshade is supposed to go.

i know whwere they are and found them and installed the reshade to fivem.exe , but when i launch fivem only the default ones appear do i manually move your reshade presets to the shaders folder in five m? im just lost sorry for being a pain but your advice might help someone like me in the future aswell so you dont have to answer the same question again :slight_smile:

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Oh i see what you mean. Basically you press Shift F2 and there should be a + symbol on the right side of the reshade program and click on that then press on the presets i have.

okay ill give that a go now and let you know :slight_smile:

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got it working thanks dude <3

No problem! Have fun! Stay tuned for new updates coming soon!

the trees are shaking horrible for me, any idea why this happens?
Maybe it was just a “effect” because of storm… im not sure… but it was crazy o.O

If you want you could create a auto install script

I will be fixing that for the next update. Thanks for the feedback.

I really don’t know how to write scripts. lol.

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They have simple ones or just google creat create self extracting files

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