[Release] Tent & Camping Script

Hey, I released a Tent & Camping script, all the info is on Github


  • Open and Close your tent
  • Craft campfire and Tent like The Forest Style
  • Craft hitching post for your horse
  • More stuff incoming…

There is a preview video on github!

Note: You must edit the script in order to detect if player has the required items or not.
Feel free to comment any bug or question!!


Menu doesn’t open for me. I load server up, within the client console i have a message - [WarMenu] Tent created but nothing hapeens when i press G

Yeah, because you need to use /tienda first in order to craft the Tent. Then you can use the G menu.

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Thank you!

You’re welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can the Locale be changed within files?

Ignore I am translating now

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I will update the script with locales, would you wait until tomorrow?

Of course there is no rush!! I’m about halfway through translating but other people will definitely want it too

Great script btw

Thanks! Im working on a Storage System, but it will be for RDX. Maybe someone can do it for another framework. If you have any ideas feel free to tell me

Is the for readdead or will it work for gta5 to

I use Red Dead props so it will only work for RedM, unless you change the props.

Thanks for the response

Hey man! Awesome script! I just have some questions about the further development:

  1. Are you still doing development with new updates?
  2. Following on the first question: Will it also be possible to like build walls or houses? So it is possible to make a defendable camp or maybe a city?

Thanks! Yeah I will keep updating this script, the problem is that right now I have other projects in mind, but as soon as i finish them, I will work on this. Im working on a Storage System to complement with this.

I like your idea, if you can help me finding the “wall prop” it would be nice.

Also, the ability to choose teepees instead of tents would be a nice feature. :wink:

This is a good script, we were able to take this and combine it with our camping.Yeah i know how it is im always working 10 scripts at once, but if we add more too it will be sure to let everyone know, and post it if anyone wishes to use new content from it. We want to eventually add other tents as well.

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you mean like these @CrazyHobo420?


Thanks for your comments. I am working right now in my FiveM server. As soon as I vacate, I’ll work on this.