[Release] Tent & Camping Script

In order to do that, you just only need to edit Line 235, and 245 of client.lua.

Replace “S_TENT_MAROPEN01X” and “S_TENT_MARCLOSED01X” with a teepee prop.

Note: You need a opened teepee prop, and a closed teepee prop.

Also you need to remove the old tent props in Config.lua, exactly in Config.PropsNearby, and add your new prop.

Hope you have a nice day.

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Does anyone have a progressbar? I can’t find him anywhere :sweat_smile:

where can i get progressBars

how do i change it to be EN?

can this be used in the vorp 2.0 framework ?

hello still need help its in spanish

did you ever get them

heya, Davidblack, Lox489 and Waonechester …

there i found two progressBar one by asking politely to EC-DEF.

and the other asking google : progressBar RedM.

(i really think you should ask nicely and politely maybe as you would like someone else ask you something.)

anyway, guys have a good day.

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Can this be changed to where the build menu shows in English? If so where do I find it? I’ve looked but can’t seem to find where.

Great work btw,

Yeah, but im actually working on other things… Once RedM gets OneSync, I will update and release more scripts! :smiley:

Every time I /tienda I get this error. Any idea why I can’t get this to work?

make sure you have the ProgressBars resource running on your server(or convert those lines to use your own ones)

where to get teepee prop?

you test it on vorp is working ?