[Release] TaserFramework LS | Custom Sounds, Discord Integration, Cartridge Limit, Drive Stun, Reactivate, Safety Mode & More!

Taser Framework - London Studios

TaserFramework is a C# FiveM resource providing a host of functions to enhance the reality of the Taser X2 device. Features include custom external sounds, taser interface (CID) notifications, taser cartridge limit, taser reload functionality, taser safety mode, taser arc mode, taser cartridge reactivation, barb removal and distance based “ripping out”. This plugin also replicates the Axon Audit trail through Discord integration, logging every usage of the taser.

Member/Usage Documentation here.


External Taser Sounds:
We’ve included three realistic, custom taser sounds to enhance the whole experience. These are a discharge trigger sound, drive stun/arc sound and reactivation. These have been taken from Youtube videos.

Taser Cartridge Limit:
Your Taser X2 will automatically fire the left cartridge, then the right before requiring you to reload. You also carry 2 spare cartridges so use them wisely! You will still be able to fire other weapons without reloading.

Taser Reload System:
You can quickly reload your taser using /rt either reloading one or two cartridges into the available slots.

Axon Audit Trail (Discord Integration):
Like with real life, we’ve introduced Discord integration logging every Taser action. This will make use of force more accountable for your server.

Taser Reactivation:
After firing either Cartridge 1 or Cartridge 2, you’ll have the ability to either reactivate just one of them, or both using PageUP and PageDOWN. This provides an exceptional ability to handle a situation, previously not possible. Your taser does not even have to be pointing at them to reactivate, however don’t move away, the barbs will rip themselves out!

Taser Drive Stun/Arc Mode:
This can be performed even with no cartridges loaded into the taser by pressing E. If your taser is touching someone else during this, the taser will drive stun (electrocute) them.

Taser Safety Mode:
If you won’t be using your taser any time soon, you can put it into safety mode using /ts. You’ll still be able to deploy other weapons whilst in safety mode.

Barb Removal:
After deploying Taser on a suspect, you’ll need to remove the barbs. This can be done with /rb1 (Remove Barbs for cartridge 1), or /rb2 (Remove barbs for cartridge 2). After removing barbs you will no longer be able to reactivate them. Please note, barbs will “rip out” automatically if you move over 30m away.

Taser CID Interface (Notifications):
You’ll get in-game notifications above the map showing your cartridges left, taser mode and more!

Customisable Keybinds:
You can easily customise your keybinds in Settings > Keybinds > FiveM.

Overall, we hope these features increase realism and provide a host of new opportunities for Taser armed officers. We look forward to seeing screenshots, videos and more in our Discord server of you using the plugin and any feedback you have!

Download and Installation

As with all of our plugins, we provide detailed installation documentation. Please find the README.md file on GitHub here, along with the plugin download.


Along with the Source Code on GitHub, we’ve included the “Attribution - Non-Commercial 2.0 England and Wales” licence.

London Studios

If you didn’t know already, we’re London Studios and this is another one of our plugins aiming to enhance roleplay experience. We’d love to hear your experience and feedback.


Hey! Can u post here any videos or pics about this script?

Please find the demo video here.

Best wishes,
London Studios.

This is an amazing script, thank you for making this.

Very cool looking script.

Nice work, can’t wait to use it :+1:

But does this not contradict the license you’re using which explicitly allows the creation of derivative works?

Is this compatible with NON-ESX FiveM? Nice job with the features though; this script reminds me of all the fun things I can do with my irl X3

What else would this be for and why would it be posted here?

I edited my original post Mr. Snarkypants :wink: I’m multitasking my ass off rn and forgot this was the 5M page and not another mods page.

No where does it state it’s for ESX or any framework for that matter.

And all of this, for the police stun gun?

getting this error.

Error parsing script @TaserFramework/transmission.lua in resource TaserFramework: @TaserFramework/transmission.lua:1: unexpected symbol near ‘<\239>’

We have identified this issue and have committed a new transmission.lua file to GitHub.

Please download it.

Best wishes,
London Studios.


Thank you for pointing that out - you are correct.

Please follow the "“Attribution - Non-Commercial 2.0 England and Wales” licence.

That was added inside the code during the Beta process, and subsequently not removed.

We hope you are enjoying using the plugin,

Best wishes,
London Studios.

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This is an amazing script, thank you for making this.

Hi, thank you,
We hope you are enjoying using the plugin.

Very cool looking script.

Thank you!

Is this compatible with NON-ESX FiveM? Nice job with the features though; this script reminds me of all the fun things I can do with my irl X3

Hi, this does not rely on any ESX framework.

And all of this, for the police stun gun?

Correct, we love it!

No where does it state it’s for ESX or any framework for that matter.

We can confirm this does not require ESX framework.

Best wishes all,
London Studios.

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Thank you,

Best wishes,
London Studios


Sorry but it appears that I get a network over flow that pulls players from the game after tazing someone.
It seems to request the position of the player non-stop until a crash occurs.

This has not been reported before.

I have looked into this and yes the game does request the location, this is to decide if they are still in a range of “barb connection”.
There will be a new update coming very soon, I will make it so it only checks the location every 8 seconds, this should sort out any issues you have experienced!

We apologise for the inconvenience,

Best wishes,
London Studios.