[Release] Take Hostage

This is a take hostage/human shield script where you take someone at gunpoint and you can either release or execute them!

This is completely standalone, no framework required.

Instructions on how to use:
Type /takehostage, a valid weapon is needed(Add or remove weapons in cl_takehostage.lua)
Then press G to release the hostage or H to kill the hostage!

Link to code:


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Feel free to make improvements with PRs


Very nice!


looks nice


Sorry for my english ^^, but how can i change key to take a hostage… from G to other key?

And again, sorry for my english

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ctrl+f and search this ‘if IsDisabledControlJustPressed(0,47) then --release’ change 47 to what ever you want.


animation not work

If you are using nopc it will not work the script

This script works with online users.

Thank you very much.

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Damn, nice release! You’ve done a really good job

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Amazing! Works perfectly!

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use on player not ped

Nice release! Thanks!

wonder if you can make it smoother , like not suddenly doing gun point on the head, first reach him , then grab him then point the point the gun with animation , IF its possible and the animations are already exist

Sometimes when walking with the hostage the hand animation goes down so you are just walking with him

Unfortunately I found no _intro animations for it!

its work for vrp?

Yes, it is standalone will work with any framework

thx bro

thank you very much :slight_smile:

Nice release rob! Gonna check around for those intros animations or at least alternatives.