[Release] Street Label

any recommendations brother?

Hi! Im trying to change the name off the road i am currently on? Can i do that?

Hey where did you get that money/job script from

How to make the position freeze and HUD does not jump from side to side, but simply adds text if necessary?

Can you show me an example of what you mean? I can try to help, but that isn’t enough information.

I have an issue, every time I restart my server the PLD position changes to top left. Then I need to restart the script and then it works. How to fix that?

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How do i make the StreetLabel looking from like this test
To this

So it can have the black surrounding the letters so its not soft?

everytime i install this i get Awaiting scripts. Any help?

Salut l’ami,
Je cherche à faire exactement la même chose sur mon script.
As tu trouvé trouvé une solution de ton coté ?
Merci d’avance de ta réponse !

It’s in the css file.

is it possible to do this on a fivem game server??

Same for me…