[RELEASE] Stinger Strips

Great, works very well

so i have a problem when i enter /setspike 2 nothing happends (i see the command in the chat) but no spikes spawn

/setspikes 2 (with an s on the end; plural) simple problem

how do i do it so there is no restriction on who places the spikes

File “config.lua” change in line 9 “SpikeConfig.PedRestriction = false”
false or true, whichever you want.

after i change it to true, should i delete where it says s_m_y_cop etc. or just change to true and leave it. thanks for quick reply

You can leave it or add your own ped. If you want it to be used by everyone, just do not add anything from the ped, because it looks meaningless.

so if i want everyone to use it, do i change it to true or keep it as false?

You should leave it as “false” if they use everything. Or leave it as “true” if they use some peds whose names you need to add as well.


is there a way to just whitelist steamids cause eup prob wont work with this

what vehicle pack is that :heart_eyes:

How do you remove spikes?

LALT + Up arrow


When attempting to delete using the left alt + up arrow, they do not delete; any reason for this?

Is it possible to make this work on AI? I use PIS in my server and it would be nice to use this when they take off.

Yes, I know, if it worked on AI then any car who ran over would have popped tire, im aware, well just have to be cautious about it.

So uh, after downloading latest one, still having issues removing them. Used all commands and they still don’t remove and they stay there and still work. So currently I am clueless… Any help?

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Cant remove the spikes anymore