[RELEASE] Stinger Strips

This is my version of a spikestrips script.


  1. Download from my github.
  2. Take the resource from the download and place into the resources folder.
  3. go into config.lua and modify the config to your liking.
  4. set the stinger strips to start in the server.cfg

/setspikes [number]

Tire Tracking: Pops only the tires that get too close to the spike strip (touching almost)
Restrictions: Only allow certain peds to spawn the strips.
Multiple Strip Spawning: Able to spawn multiple spikes in a row.



[Testers] - Special thanks to these guys!


These work great! Excellent job Xander!

Github link not working! :scream:

Edit: Eyyyy it’s working now.

Try now.
(20 charsssss)

Good Release will defiantly give this a go!

Love it 10/10. Will use

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Awesome! Thank you. Hopefully everything is working like its supposed to for everyone.

So upon testing this out in my server, the /setspikes command works fine but when i try to delete using /deletespikes, nothing happens and no errors in console.

The only edits i have made was to add a few more ped models to allow use of them command.

hm. Did someone touch the spikestrip before you deleted it? I tried to fix and thought I did but maybe I missed it.

I ran over it a few times with a car to test it, which btw I think the distance needs to be shortened a good bit because it pops the tires a good 2 feet away from the strip.

I did have 2 separate strips a few feet apart, but delete would not get rid of either, I’m guessing that may have conflicted having two different ones out.

You should only be able to spawn 1 set of spikes at a time.

I can’t really do a whole lot more with the distance as if it gets any shorter it wont recognize the sides of the spike strips.

Hmmm, I was able to spawn 2. I’ll see if I can duplicate it when I bring my server back up in just a few minutes and yea I assumed that’s why the distance was so far, too bad it doesn’t let you do a width and length distances.

It would be better if I could detect when a tire touches an object / entity but nothing works with that so distance was the only way.

haha yea that would be nice.

Ok so retested and I am able to spawn more than one set but now deletespikes is working lol. and it deletes all spike strips spawned no matter where they are.

This may have to be something I come on and look at because in my server everything is good.

I am starting my server now. I will see if I get the same issues. I fully tested it last night with other players and it was working fine.

I have ran over it over 20 times. I have shot it. I have stood on it and deleted it and I have put the car on top of it and deleted it and all of it works.

yea delete is working fine for me now since i restarted the server, idk what happened with the first time.

You should only be able to do /setspikes [number] 1 time and the only way to run in again is to do /deletespikes

They work great! Just added it to my server and tested it. I have been wanting these for a long time. THANKS!!!