[RELEASE] Stinger Strips

When I try to set the spikes I get this error.

SCRIPT ERROR: @spikestrips-master/server.lua:11: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘SpikeConfig’)

ref (@spikestrips-master/server.lua:11)

Would be really cool to have it work with AI cars. Using FivePD which is bascially 98% AI.
Are there new lines that need to be created or just a code change for AI that could be scripted easily?


Howdy, so I can Set spikes, but cant delete them, it prompts me to press L Alt + I and to delete them but that does nothing

i get a script error @spikes/server.lua:11: attempt to index a nil value (global 'spikeCon

Seems like the author isn’t updating this anymore, but if @xander1998 decides to, I think using https://runtime.fivem.net/doc/natives/?_0xE143FA2249364369 would help fix the deleting problem.

I think the engine removes the object when far away, so the handle is gone (maybe because you’re not using SetEntityAsMissionEntity, which if used might help fix that alone?) and when you try to delete it it fails cause the handle is invalid.

I wrote a new spikestrip that I may push out soon.

That would be great!

A new script would be amazing!

Hi mate, that would be great if you could :slight_smile:

@xander1998 Any update on the release of the new spike script? Would really love to have a spike strip that works standalone with OneSync. You could even throw it up on TEBEX and make a little off it. I’d give 10 or 15 for a good spike strip resource.

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It’s possible to create item spikes and usé fort create thé spikes

Any chance of being able to make this work on AI vehicles?

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Any updates on the possibility of the new script being released?

I ended up not finishing them due to a change of heart on how it was written. I have thought about rewriting them though and releasing them again so that the code is more optimized and clean.

If you would do that, it would be amazing. There doesn’t seem to be any good, functioning spike strip resources that work anymore and it’s just not realistic to “spike” a vehicle by standing on the side of the road with a shotgun

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