[Release] Standalone Zombie System [Synchronized]

Standalone Zombie System [Synchronized]


  • Synchronized Zombies
  • Noise Detection
  • Safe Zones
  • Headshots





I checked the code and I saw 4 while true loops being active at once. Not optimised at all. Would like to see the resmon.


Synchronizing zombies will cause the entity limit to be exceeded and the entire server to crash, with the increase in the number of players on the server.

I like your work, but client-side work would be healthier. Good job!

The script turns default NPC peds into zombies, that is how it’s synchronized.


Yes, you have done very well in that regard, but still the entity limit can be exceeded with the number of players.

The code is done by Dislaik and if that is the case all servers would crash due to default pedestrians - the script simply finds the peds and alters them, they are already there so unless FiveM’s slot count can clash with GTA 5’s ped limit I don’t know how anything can be exceeded.

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I was desperately looking for something like that. Thank you for releasing and for FREE. The zombie logic is actually good, they do a lot of damage they don’t just stand still and let you kill them. 10/10


Very nice job !!! The script in full load, ie where there are people normally PNJ (mainly in town) goes up to 0.40 ms for the rest it stabilizes at 0.15 0.20 where there are not too many PNJs. In view of the work that this script does it is really reasonable and moreover it is published for free !!!

I thank you for your work and I will adapt a loot system that I already have on it.

20/20 for your work and your kindness !!!

Best regards

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while loops dosent means that the CPU Resmon getting up if he call only 1 Native at once ore 2 ( test it on your server and tipe resmon 1 ) its not that mutch

Not that much? Good one. I simply -without doing anything else - moved everything into a single while true do loop keeping the Wait(0) and I got the resource from actively going up to 0.60+ to a 0.20±. And I did not even touch any other stuff like Vdist, unnecessary functions and variables, …

See me.

share your client in this case;)

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Did you just say Vdist? That’s the most un optimised way to calculated distance in LUA, replace it with #(pos1 - pos2) should make it drop to 0.15ms

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As I said it’s just all thrown in a single loop. I’m sure someone can make a PR and fix stuff.


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this mentality … it’s a shame for the community that starts in the code … it’s published for free by the author, you will take the code to your grave?

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I’ve already made a PR to replace vdist with the proper function.

This mentality? I literally came in here and said what has to be done (remove all these threads, throw it in one thread, and use one single while true do loop) to make it even a bit better. This isn’t my resource and I’m surely not going to spend my time redoing someone’s whole resource because you want some code that you’re using (not even made yourself) to be more optimised. I also don’t feel comfortable “sharing” it as I did not even test it and it definately is not how it should be used (defining variables multiple times through the loop etc.). There will surely be people which have enough knowledge & time which are more than capable making it performance wise much better. At the end of the day that should be the job of the author/coder.

If you’re starting out and want to know the best practice (for styling that is), read this: project-error/fivem-lua-style.

I have modified Dislaik script, and i create zombies in server side, Syncronized and i dont get exceeded entity spawn, because i limit the entitys to 100. Its possible to do it.

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Really? good to know, I must do it for some scripts I have

Submit the changes to the git and help out. Don’t just show a proof of concept and walk away. Wtf seems like more effort to do that lol

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This is how it should be done. Good work on the PR