[Release][Standalone] Parkour Script

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This script was made by Silence (…Myself…)
:x: Do not re-release without my permissions
:white_check_mark: Modify for you own needs!
:white_check_mark: Open to requests for more abilities!
:white_check_mark: Comes with a Configuration file!
:white_check_mark: Standalone Script!

About Section

  • *Well, it’s essentially an increased player movement abilities, Used to complete trick jumps and stunts, yea… that’s it. If you have any questions just ask me via the comment section below


    1. Download the resource …obviously… Sil-Parkour.rar (3.2 KB)
    1. Extract "Sil-Parkour" folder into your "resources" folder
    1. Add "start Sil-Parkour" to your "server.cfg"
    1. (re)Start your server, or start the resource via console.

Controls / How to use

  • By default you need to type "/parkour start" in chat to enable the key binds
  • Use "/parkour stop" to disable the key binds.
  • Use "/parkour noti" to toggle the ability cooldown notifications.
    (If you want the key binds to be active on the start of the script, change "ParkControls" from "false" to "true", in the Config file.)
  • Once key binds are active use the following to start making combinations to climb and show off to your friends…

Passive key = Left Shift
Forward leap = G
Force ladder climb = X
Left long dive = NUMPAD 7
Short left dive = NUMPAD 4
Long right dive = NUMPAD 9
Short right dive = NUMPAD 6
Backward dive = NUMPAD 5
Forward roll = NUMPAD + (PLUS)
Over jump = NUMPAD 8
Forward dive = ENTER / NUMPAD ENTER
Force climb = NUMPAD - (MINUS)
Forward slide = H
Fast right turn = RIGHT ARROW
Fast left turn = LEFT ARROW
Backward walk = DOWN ARROW
Tip-Toe walk = E
Standing back hand spring = ]

  • In order to start doing abilities you need to be holding the "passive key"(left shift by default) and press another ability key at the same time.
  • You can chain these abilities to scale walls, and catch corners/roofs/ladders to make your own trick jumps, and stunts.
Action Screenshots

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oh yeah, finally. would be nice with a video though


Would love to see a demo video and how good it can be from someone who actually knows how to use it


Thanks for sharing! Tested and I liked those one:

  • Forward Roll
  • Forward Slide
  • Standing back hand spring
  • Over Jump

Would like to see more features. For example after Over Jump give a little forward force to keep player speed.


has a many crash pleees help me

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damn guess i gotta install this into my server and record a clip cuz im a pro, ive parkoured with this script with it on his old rp server for like atleast 4 months lmao

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yes please

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I’ll download this for my server tomorrow and if we get good with it I’ll make sure to shoot a video for this script


Nice Work well 4 me thnx


oh yeah, finally

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Hi, i really like if you can convert this mod for vanilla game. Thank you

Hi Bro, can you record a Little video for this mod? I would love to see a demo. Thanx

Hi, Will you make a video for this script? Very thankful

I have to get better at it first and I’m also working on other things for my server rn

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Anotha One ! Niceeeeeeeeeeee so amazing script .

Bro, u know why when I do “Over Jump” for example, dont jump the obstacle?
Nice script anyway.


Silence! You did release it, Im prodigy from NAPRP imma dm u

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i have the same problem here

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PassiveKey = 21, =A
ForceLadderClimb = 21, = A
ForceClimb = 22 = X
OverJump =22 =X
ForwardSlide =10 = LT
BackFlip = 37 =LB
ForwardDive = 44,= RB

BackwardDive = 86, = LEFT STICK CLICK L3
ForwardLeap = 3,= RIGHT STUCK UP
ForwardRoll = 4,= RIGHT STICK DOWN
LeftLongDive = 5, = RIGHT STICK LEFT & RIGHT
ShortLeftDive = 5, = RIGHT STICK LEFT
LongRightDive = 6,= RIGHT STICK LEFT & RIGHT
ShortRightDive = 6.= RIGHT STICK RIGHT

FastLeftTurn = 15, DPAD LEFT
FastRightTurn = 14, DPAD RIGHT
TipToe = 27, DPAD UP
BackwardWalk = 20, DPAD DOWN

BufferTimer = 350,
ParkControls = true,
NotiToggle = false
NotificationSpeed = 1900

also wished it could be more like free runing game from ps2 & another script i love to have is marc ecko getting up graffiti all over los santons & this script could also be good for emotes and other things too only if i knew how to make them :frowning: