[Release] [Standalone] M_Hud V2

Hello once back again. This hud is free and standalone if you edit it don’t claim it yours and always give me credits for making it.

This one is now for every framework so it means you don’t need framework to have it on your server.

I made it so you don’t need framework to have it and css fixes opacity etc.
Leave a nice comment if you enjoyed!


    1. Download file and open it with Winrar or 7zip
    1. Drag and drop it to your resources
    1. Go to server.cfg and type start M_HudV2
    1. Enjoy!

How to move bars to right corner or middle or higher:

  • Open ui.css
  • Then you see .bar1 - .bar2 change left to like left: 70%; and it goes on your left corner.
  • Then you can also do both bars change left to like left: 50%; it goes on middle.
  • Then you can also set it on top so set top: 50%;
  • You can try stuff out my restarting it and learn css & html by editing it!

Download Here

Old version credits: GitHub - DaviAmorim29/vrp_cutehud: a cute hud for vrp and vrpex framework
VRP version: M_Hud


Simple and clean, still looking good. Good work as always.


Thanks i appreciate that feedback :heart:

Lowkey love this…For its simplicity and ease…Its what i was looking for to actually learn from!

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I’m happy u enjoyed!

Realy nice hud never seen that one I am surely interested in your future projects.

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looks very simple but, nice and clean hud

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