[Release][Standalone] Ammunation Shooting Range

Same problem, how to fix?

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line 25: { ‘WEAPON_COMBATPISTOL’, ‘your name’ },
line 491: if type == “your name’” then


Hi Sheriff,
What did you use for that pretty information ?


EDIT: I did some testing and it WORKS fine on my end. Looks like the issue is on your end.

PR on OPs repository has been closed due to not being needed.

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I’ve tested but still have the same error

Hello Evy,

Very good script, I love it.

However I encounter a bug on my server: I can only launch the activity once, after it always tells me that “someone is shooting”
And it’s impossible for me to re-equip my hat (maybe it’s related)

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My bad yes ! I forgot a line on the easy test, sorry. The github file is updated if you wanna take it.
For the second thread, I think you’re the first one with this issue

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I was looking for something like this, keep up the good work!

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very nice script im adding it to my server thank you for sharing it for free. so i was able to make so it does not give weapons to players because i use skills. and i want players to spend and buy ammo. the problem is the ammo stays the same. how do enable to make the player able to spend ammo? thanks

ah never mind didnt se the infiniteammo.

suggestion you could add a xp to your script. where players would shoot and had a shake camera the more the score the more xp and less shake.

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Oh that’s a cool idea ! But I think it would be cool to do an entire script about this like a shaking system. The more you shoot, the less it shakes
I’ll work on it

This is a great script! Thank you for releasing this.

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