[Release] Stance Modifier (crouch and prone)

I compiled this into a dll and the resource starts but it doesnt work :frowning: If anyone can help me i will appreciate it A LOT <3

Hey @timothy_dexter,
I’ve seen a lot of people having issues compiling the script, and I am one of them, I’ve gone ahead and re-written the script in Javascript using your code mainly.

I am using it on my server, but I’m thinking of publishing it so others can use it, and since you’re the creator of this script, Would you mind if I upload it to Github and share it on the cfx forums?

Amazing script with amazing code,

Hey guys, for people who are compiling this and are getting errors, just take look from this resource, you had everything you need for put this working! Check out on this github. Have fun coding! Peace!

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anyone you can make this with commands or share the code with me so i can do it

how to get it work ? any one help me please !

just do " DisableControlAction " native in your script.

Is there a way you could make the prone stance seen by other players as also prone, instead of other players seeing me standing up as i shoot while prone

Please anyone have a lua version? I just can’t get it started in cs, please :frowning:

Thank you but this has many problems…

Hello there is an issue i want to report. If you take your weapon in your hands or punch something, walking animation goes like this.

you are a good person xd

Greetings, guys faced with such a problem tried like a lot, but nothing comes out, I’m trying to fix it, maybe someone did a smoother animation to stand and crawl lying down? Attached 2 videos: in one as it happens now, in two smoothness

  1. https://youtu.be/RAmO2mhkhMs - now
  2. https://youtu.be/5LtYzjocrCc smoothness
    file repo https://github.com/y0zhyck/crone/blob/2d6801b126d532439e99ff414d3a27ec3df81c7d/crone.lua