[Release] SmartCuffs - Frontcuff, Rearcuff - British Speedcuff Model - Custom Sounds - London Studios

@LondonStudios ??? Can u fix the ACE problem ??

@LondonStudios hallo???

This topic is death!!! No reactions, no sollutions

Stop being rude, we’re not going to help you with that attitude.

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Hey! Is there a way to use it with esx_policejob trough triggers or something?

U react almost 1 month later!!!
Then u say I react rude? because I say the topic is death?? Why do u not react faster, then this is not happen…

Hi LondonStudio. Thanks for the amazing script that you released!
But i have a question. In the config.ini is a line that says ‘PermissionsEnabled = false’
Are there permissions that i can use?

They not give support… They creating a script and the permissions section is not working correct and they say not give anny support. I open a ticket on they Discord and they not helping … So very very very bad from the creators… If U have script u need to buy then they help but the free scripts they ignore u…

So why making free scripts if there is no support

Hi there!
Thanks for the information. I didn’t know there was a Discord where you can make tickets for help. That’s not nice when you want to have a nice little server for your friends and don’t want to pay money, but they only help when people buys a script. Further is London Studios a nice developer with good scripts, so credits for them.

Thanks for the information!

Just a bit confused where all of this negativity has arisen from :man_shrugging:

We’ll happily help, but you must appreciate that if we are getting hundreds of support requests about a free script, there is going to be some people that go un helped.

The source code is public, if something isn’t working, let us know, but if you want to change something, go for it, even open a PR if you like.

Publicly posting on here how “bad” our support is and how wrong of us it is to not provide constantly 24/7 support for this free script is honestly just embarrassing yourself.

Hope that makes sense!

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Your teams support is one of the best I’ve came across recently don’t let any negativity get you upset. I have nothing bad to say about LondonStudios as there work is the ****.

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Here u go, a screen on a created ticket on your Discord…

Its just a fact that the support is bad for your free scripts… I had open a ticket, days no answer. Thats no problem, like u say that u get hundreds of messages I can wait for it… But then without a reaction the ticket is closed…

I open a new ticket with the question why the ticket is closed without a answe, and the ticket is closed AGAIN with the reason that U see on the screenshot… Giving no support on free scripts…

So I dont speak negativ but the truth!