[Release] Simple cuff script OUTDATED

So, a lot of people are asking for the simple cuff script to be updated to allow you to walk about and get in vehicles whilst cuffed, but the author is no longer updating this script, so I took it upon my self to release this script with the ability to walk about and get in vehicles whilst cuffed

- NOTE: I take absolutely zero credit for creating the script, only fixing it and upon the authors request I will happily take it down!

Also I know people already know how to fix it but I wanted to realease it already fixed for people looking to save time and for the people that don’t know how to do it.

- Original Author: https://forum.cfx.re/users/Marxy/activity

mxHandCuffFix.rar (2.0 KB)

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Nice, i need this. Thanks!


You could at least mention who the author was :wink:

but ist still broken

if you change number to 49

if you go through a door it takes them off

Haha I will put that in now :stuck_out_tongue:

I just tested it on my server and it works perfectly

And yes that’s a problem im currently unsure how to fix

when cuffed can you still get guns out etc? as when I fixed the original script it would allow the cuffed person to aim etc

I haven’t tested that but I assume as all I fixed was the walking around it would be the same. But I will look into a way of fixing that and change it if I ever do find a way (I’m still new to Lua)

this may be helpful for you

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Great suggestion :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll look into this :smiley:

also would anyone know the reason why when the server gets over 20+ ID’s the script stops working giving error invalid player ID

Same thing happens here.

@Marxy how would i give the player a “weapon” names handcuffs?

in sv_handcuffs.lua change:

– If this is not a valid player
if (playerID < 1 or playerID > 20) then

to (example)

– If this is not a valid player
if (playerID < 1 or playerID > 2000) then

thanks man, already figured it out but it works 100%

Where would i drop these folders??