[Release] Simple cuff script and example resource

This script is almost two years old so I'm sure it's broken by now. And as originally stated with the post, this is an example script, and I will not be updating it.


Here you go, just type /cuff PlayerID

Every line has a comment about what it’s doing. So it should be fairly easy to understand.

NOTE: This is just an example script, i will not be adding to or updating it

Download - Virus Scan


sounds like BDSM right there?


Los Santos: Dominatrix incoming

type the cuff command again

o yeah i see that ahahaha thanks

Can u make that u can drag because now he cant move or something and police cant take them with them

and that u can only arrest a player if ur close to him

no, im not updating this any

what is the hot key for it

read the first line of the post, ffs

enter the? though that was raint’s sow…

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see now you’re making me want to implement raints sow stuff, like the dildo bat, and whored mode

how do you uncuff the ped

read the first line of the post

Player can’t move while cuffed?

I think adding the ability to move the cuffed individual or the ability for the suspect to be able to move would be a great addition to the script

this is just an example script, i will not be adding to or updating it

I have found that you can move when cuffed if you press numpad 1 and ragdoll, but you cant get into cars or anything.

I know the author has said he wont edit it but can anyone please release a cuff script or edit this one so it works better? :frowning:

You shoukd use SetEnableHandcuffs(ped, toggle) also, to prevent using weapons.

Usefull natives to check and add in your script:

  1. SetEnableHandcuffs(GetPlayerPed(-1), true)
  2. IsPedCuffed(GetPlayerPed(-1))
  3. UncuffPed(GetPlayerPed(-1))

Also, you can give ped “weapon”, named WEAPON_HANDCUFFS - to make ped play “cuffs” animation instead of TaskPlayAnim, and also, mp_m(f)_freemode__01 has drawable variations with cuffs on hands. Check some slots with my editor.

thanks for the info, this mostly was to be used as an example script showing server/cleint commands