[Release] Shots Fired Notification

photos of alert?

esx comparable?

didnt work on esx for me…

Can you help me with the cars?

Can u use it with sheriff job aswell? somehow

Would this be compatible with the postal script?

are there any vids on showing how it works?

Is there a way to make the blips auto disappear after a certain amount of time? If multiple officers are on, not all of them will respond to shots fired so having the blips remove themselves after 2 minutes would be great so the units that did not respond don’t have to drive to the blips just to clear them. 2 minutes should be plenty of time for those responding to it to set a waypoint.

How do you make it say the nearest postal?

The notifications work just fine, but I am not getting the blips. The only changes I have made was the police vehicles.

Also, I’m using EUP, so not the vanilla peds but is there a way to have it use a particular piece of equipment? I was thinking the earpiece since all our LEOs use it.

Update…I did add the code for a waypoint, and that works. I can live with that

i have eup so how do i get it to work with the script?

hey i need help

EUP is a clothing script, nothing to do with this one

welp rip its not a script i can use then.

Just add a simple on-duty command so you can mark yourself as Leo
the CheckPolice function should be somewhere around line 110 in the cl_shotsfired.lua

local onduty = false

RegisterCommand("onduty", function(source, args, rawCommand)
	if onduty then
		onduty = false
		onduty = true

function CheckPolice(ped)
	local policeVeh = false

	for i = 1, #policeVehicles do
		if IsPedInModel(ped, GetHashKey(policeVehicles[i])) then
			policeVeh = true

	if policeVeh or IsPedInAnyPoliceVehicle(ped) or CheckSkin(ped) or onduty then
		return true
	return false

Send me the link to the script you use pls?

Think you can make this but it gives a discord webhook notification instead of the ped/vehicle notification?

whats the new download link?

download invalid new link pls