[Release] Roleplay sign 🤩

Hi guys here we go again with a much bigger project for you. :hugs:
I have decided to do it and release it for all those Roleplay servers and want to give it a more personalized touch. :face_with_monocle:

Maybe I have some bugs, it’s version 1.0 soon I will continue updating it. :smile:

1. Un-zip
2. Put in your resources folder
3. start Sign_Rp
4. Enjoy

Download: Sign_rp.rar (7.0 MB)

Credits: All credits for Lete


That’s pretty cool, maybe for v2 if it’s not too hard include a way/tutorial of allowing servers to put custom words there?


maybe but its becusse he repalces the old words so you need to 3d model and skin them

Oh, darn. I’ve been trying to look into replacing small textures but seems super hard.

Yes, to modify them you need to replace the old ones and place your new ones. With 3D modeling.

Someone should make a tutorial on how to do it. I’m down to learn lol

I can’t think of anything more immersion breaking than “ROLEPLAY” written on the side of a mountain.


This is a only demonstration :smile:

you know, i was gonna comment something like that, but then i was thinking “Someone else will comment that so im fine” lol

i came to comment this lmao

lol (5 chars)


Nice :slight_smile:

W- Why?? this completely ruins the aspect of what roleplay is wtf is the point in this?


hello to change the letters it is absolutely necessary to have a 3D creation software or not

Yes, you will need something like 3ds Max.

I can’t get it 3ds Max there is always an error ??

Not sure…


error ??hh

why i have her hh