[RELEASE] renzu_hud UI | Advanced HUD

u gotta hold down the clutch , shift to 1st gear and give gas then let go of clutch

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Is that after you added the if not NetworkDoesEntityExistWithNetworkId(netid) then return end ???

Because for me it wont shift no matter what I do I even changed the keybinds thinking there was something conflicting with it but didnt help

changing keybinds in script after u started first time wont change them. must be done in game menu.
and no that edit is only an attempt at fixing the spam

Where did you place the code

if not NetworkDoesEntityExistWithNetworkId(netid) then return end

at in the files? Been trying to fix the spam for a server i’m deving for and its getting out of hand.

i dont know bro , i eneded up breaking the script and im winging it.

I woud like to request a minimal version release of just car , weapon and stat hud. without all the extra crazy features. I had to comment out so much stuff just to get a basic version working but theres endless f8 object spamming. Sometimes simple is better , can you please release a Lite version?

Why do you keep releasing good stuff just to abandon it? I see your active on a regular basis and always respond on the stuff you released recently but will not respond on this or any of your other scripts from last year. I mean this, project cars, renzu_customs all of them you just stopped supporting and updating.

i dont abandoned it, its just this resource need to reworked soon,
and customs and project cars are being updated.

yea it could be atleast a minimal version without the weapon ui or other stuffs in vehicle like engine , nitro etc… since i already release a standalone version of those features.

the only problem i am seing on this resource is the network id error (probably in turbos or others entity which not existing anymore)

and the postal UI (basic fixed is to turn off it as default for now)

and imo this car hud is still the best optimised i have seen and used in 2 years ,
in terms of sub proccess cpu usage if you dont know yet.
other car hud uses basic logic of transition / incorrect animation handling in css cause a lot of cpu spike in subproccess and incorrect frames in lua.

im busy doing some new resources i will probably release it all at once im done and start tweaking this before releasing the V2 of this HUD.

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hello, I need to know how to fix a nil bug because when I enter in a vehicle and for the rest of the time I’m on my server, well in the f8 consol the renzu_hud is spamming nil, so I wonder how can I fix that? Thanks!

never-mind I think now it’s good I just disactivated a lot of stuff

had about 30+ players on today and has some people having client timeouts from all the object spam and vehicle que for info that I dont have it set up for.

whats that resource sending VehicleStatus?

thought it could have been hud since it has so much tied to into it

is the speedometer just there for a cool ui feature or does the script record your speed, when I tried to install it there was no change so im just curious if I installed something wrong or if its not a feature. I am using the qbcore framework.

How to stop this scrip from adding all of these engines to the database. It is slowing it down…

ive asked for a lite version for that reason.
sucks I had to stop using it , too many timeouts


Amazing :star_struck:.

Hello, do you say of to fix this ?

CrBrowserMain/ Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘style’) (@renzu_hud/ui/js/demo.js:788)

And how to disable all notify message ? Thank’s you ! :slight_smile:

Hey helo, for the Renzu_fuel I have a script that use a export to set a fuel level of a vehicle, but I cannot find any export to set the fuel, so if you can tell me how to do for my script can work to set a fuel level or can you make so there is a export for setting a fuel level please? Like the LegacyFuel you have based on! Please!

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Is it possible to have just the car hud (the simple version)?