[Release] RedTrainer


RedTrainer is a powerful Lua-based menu for RedM, designed to provide a feature-rich experience akin to vMenu in FiveM. With RedTrainer, you can enhance your gameplay, customize your RedM experience, and enjoy a wide range of in-game options and features. Whether you’re a player looking to explore new possibilities or a developer seeking to expand its functionality, RedTrainer has you covered.


  • Player Options: Access various player-related functions such as God Mode, Noclip, Super Jump, and more to enhance your character’s abilities.

  • Vehicle Options: Take control of vehicles with options like spawning vehicles, enabling vehicle god mode, and even repairing your trusty horse.

  • User-Friendly Menu: RedTrainer offers an intuitive and user-friendly menu system that makes navigating and customizing your RedM experience a breeze.


RedTrainer is an open-source project and welcomes contributions from the community. If you have ideas for new features, bug fixes, or improvements, Fork than feel free to submit a pull request. Together, we can make RedTrainer even better.

oxlib (Use the latest Version)

Download (Github)

Or Direct Download



Heres a video preview and if you want to test the menu out your self


I tried playing RedM ages ago, but I couldn’t find a suitable vMenu-like trainer that actually had the features I needed. I had found one menu that kind of worked, but was missing many features and was horribly ugly. And the trainer I used in singleplayer RDR2 refused to load in RedM.

Today I went searching on these forums again to see what’s new since the last time I checked, and this trainer sounds like it might be exactly what I was looking for. Especially if it’s anything like vMenu. I’ll have to setup my server again and put this resource in.

I mean its kinda like vmenu for redm but its for RedM

Wait, how do I open the menu? Oh, forgot this has a dependency I haven’t installed yet…

yes and make sure its started before the menu

Still having trouble opening the menu… Is it a command, or a hotkey? And what’s the default key/command? You should write that the default key is “M” in the config comment.

1: Option to remove weapon
2: Option for menu to not close after every action
3: A horse spawn selection menu (don’t want to have to enter a model name to spawn a horse)
4: Option to set max bonding to mounted horse
5: Option to change horse’ gender
6: Option to remove held weapon
7: Option to remove all weapons
8: Option to spawn munitions for current weapon

Side note: I can’t seem to get natives SetPedAmmo, SetPedAmmoByType or SetMountBondingLevel to work.