[Release] zaps_moonshine


  • Spawn Still
  • Translations inside of config.
  • Destroying of still
  • Brewing

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Zaps Bank Robbery

if anyone has any ideas they would like to see me implement please reply with them

Am I able to make the still an item?

idk what framework your using but using

---@param item string item name
---@param callback fun(item:Item)
 exports.vorp_inventory:registerUsableItem(item, callback)

for vorp thats the export needed to register a usable item on the server side then you could have it trigger the event to place a still. but its currently not in the code to do so as of do might be a future update tho.

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Im running VORP, ill give it the ol full send though

can edit the chance of it happening in config.

I wish i got alerted cause I just found out but heres the usableitems update the server side code for some reason didnt update before Release v3 路 Zaps6000/zaps_moonshine 路 GitHub also started working on the bridge to make it easier for server owners to convert frameworks.