[Release] Re-release of DOJ like radar

Hey, today im sharing a radar that i just modified. I did NOT make it. I have premission from @BlockBa5her to re-release it. I changed the look and the key to open it. I also added a new sound when people going over the speed limit. Enjoy:)

Click here to see how the radar works.

F11 to open and close the radar.
X to freeze the radar
PageUp to change the fast speed up.
PageDown to change the fast speed down.

Click me for the orginal radar

And the download: radar.rar (2.9 KB) (My Version)

You can disable this:

If its disabled it will work on all cars. If its enable, it will only work with whitelisted cars. You can add them under ‘‘Whitelist’’

Known bugs:
Wont beep the second time after a Civ goes over the speedlimit



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Thanks man:)

Super Cool!

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Just added it to my server about to test this :smiley:

Positive comments :open_mouth:
Looks neat.

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How did you add it if there is no download?

its a little big is there a way to make it not has huge?

@Laser_Gamer - So use the radar.rar ?

Download the radar.rar to get my version

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What do you mean

Wants the text to be smaller on the screen … not so big

Ehmm, i had issues with it. But i will try to make it smaller in the next update:)

So i added the RAR version to the server restarted and press F11 once in a police car. It will not open :frowning:

I see the issue ! you have whitelisted vehicles. My police vehicles are not under the default slots :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, nice;D

Looks amazing :smiley:


Thank you :grinning:

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It takes a server restart for the script to update when you make changes to the config. However its really nice and work really well compared to others out there :smiley:

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Awesome, love it!

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