[Release] Re-Ignited GCPhone (ESX 1.1 & 1.2(final))

how did you get the phone to work with salty

anyone know how i can get the twitter sql file to upload thats the only issue i have im using the 1.2 version of esx

Considering how the multicharacter works, and the fact that multiple servers running it are able to use gcphone, the issue is with your setup.

how can i add more contact on phone ?

I use gcphone on zap-hosting, but I’m getting an error!!
I called my friend but he didn’t receive that call!!
Can someone help me with this?
Thanks everyone

Hello, any know how fix this?

Hello, no error in F8 but when I make a call it does not ring can you help? thanks

Hi, I’m also using this zap hosting script, but when I call some player they don’t get the call, I don’t understand why this happens, everything else works perfectly

No need to spam the thread bud :wink:

What Voice are you using? Mumble? PMA? To-kovoip?

I want to use mumble but I don’t know how to configure it to put mumble

Hey, i was looking to change the text in the box - ID or Phone Number, coudn’t find it anywhere. Any idea?


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how do we get it to upload to imgur?

Anyone can help? It happen when i take foto in twitter and when i take foto from cam app nothing happen

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For @RIIAIN and anyone having this issue of twitter and messaging not taking photos | go to gcphone → client → client.lua and replace

exports['screenshot-basic']:requestScreenshotUpload(data.url, data.field, function(data)
        local resp = json.decode(data)
        CellCamActivate(false, false)
        --cb(json.encode({ url = resp.files[1].url }))   
        cb(json.encode({ url = resp.url }))


	exports['screenshot-basic']:requestScreenshotUpload("https://discordapp.com/api/webhooks/yourdiscordchannelwebhookurl", data.field, function(data)
        local image = json.decode(data)
        CellCamActivate(false, false)
        cb(json.encode({ url = image.attachments[1].proxy_url }))



Thank you for the answer!!

By any chance do you know how to solve the issue of making sure “ALL” hud items? I ask only as my screen shots still include the “nearest postal” script code on the images.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t know what your asking to be honest.

Basically the script on this removes all hud items when taking a photo with the exception of this “nearest postal” script.

I honestly dont know. I dont use that because the last time I did it was running at a high ms

Do you recommend anything else?