[RELEASE] PlayAsAnimal

Original idea: [RELEASE] opc_PlayAsAnimal - enhance your roleplay with allowlisted player as animals [PAID] - #7 by dewen

Hello, i created this script to make that thing free to all, it took me exactly 16 minutes to write it and 10 to test it, so it might have some bugs

I hope you like it and I hope the post doesn’t go against the forum rules
(if so moderator can delete it, no problem)

Download: GitHub - XenoS-ITA/play_as_ped
Dependencies: ESX


How to change the command name?

(client) go to line 13 and change the name (default: playasped)

I Want that only some steam id can open it

(client) insert your player steam id in the table on line 9

I Want that only admin can open it

(client) change the line 16, example:

only user:

if group == "user" then

only admin/superadmin:

if group ~= "user" then

Feel pretty close to Be Jesus. All you need to do is change the name to the ped you wanna be.

Thanks for sharing anyway. :grinning:

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Error parsing script @play_as_ped/server.lua in resource play_as_ped: @play_as_ped/server.lua:8: ‘}’ expected (to close ‘{’ at line 6) near ‘group’

you have messed some ,

that was just copy/paste from your script, I did not do anything to it.

i fix it, i have missed a comma

when i do /playasped nothing happens…

Animal models work, but when i want to get back to human, it stucks in this while at line 73,
while not HasModelLoaded(data.current.ped) do
it always prints requesting if i want to go back to human any solutions? So a mistake in the if ped == “human”, i guess these following lines cause the problem:

                        TriggerEvent('skinchanger:loadDefaultModel', isMale, function()
                                TriggerEvent('skinchanger:loadSkin', skin)

you have skinchanger?

yes we have skinchanger

I found a fix : in client.lua line 40 replace

if ped == "human" then


if data.current.ped == "human" then


did it work for you/