[RELEASE] pixel_antiCL - Anti Combatlog feature for RP (Standalone, Updated to 1.1)

Anti CombatLog Feature for Roleplay Servers
Many people were in situations when someone just did Combatlog but it was too late to use scoreboard to see player’s ID. Today i made simple script that can avoid that situations in Roleplay. You can configure it easily in config.lua and server.lua (Discord Integration config). You can see 3D Text only if you are less than 15 units from logout position.

My apologies. I just started playing today. I pressed the wrong button. Sorry

bro let me in the server pls

Hey Brent! I was Enjoying some quality roleplay when I had Excruciatingly loud noises in my ear and I couldn’t see anything so I used task manager to close it and when I rejoined it said i was banned I have clips of what I was doing when it happened if you would like and it said to contact you but I can only reply, Please I was starting to really enjoy the server and I had some decent stuff and now I can’t play Whatsoever.

its doing the same thing to me has he contacted you

did he ever get in contact with yall

I have a question for you. how can i message you

@BrentLnewman i would like to kindly ask you a question. Anyway i can dm you??

can i make a gang

whats up my friend

hello i was wondering with your permission may i make a gang.Please @BrentLnewman

Does it work for esx legacy? since I tried to install it and it doesn’t work :cry:

Hi. I am having issues connecting to the Elite and Premier servers. The message told me to contact you if issue persists. Can you please help?