[Release] Piggyback Riding

My players have been having so much fun with this so I felt like everyone else should share that fun too! What is it? You can get a piggy back ride by someone! Pretty simple!

This is completely standalone, no framework required.

There are so many things you can do… Piggyback ride & do an animation. Piggyback race! Piggyback save someone and run away! Piggyback wars (both can shoot people can shoot). Oh and did I mention you can do 32man piggybacks? ahaha. I could only get a 10-15 man piggyback tower because coordination is required. so I challenge everyone to beat my record! Looking forward to 64 (or maybe even 128!) Post screenshots as replies :sweat_smile:

Instructions on how to use:
/piggyback close to someone then either person can cancel by again doing /piggyback

Link to code:


If you enjoyed this, a reply a nice msg or a <3 emote will help me sleep at night, enjoy!
Feel free to make improvements with PRs


stupid and funny scripts…

are the best


haha top



BRING MORE STUPID SCRIPTS TO FIVEM! Thank you for release! i kinda wanna drop my suicidebomber script now… and i got you on that challenge too :joy:


But why?

Better than good. But still can’t find out why.

It’s amazing…


lmao perfect :joy:


Lmfao, alright this is pretty good.

Deffo 10/10

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Man I’d love this without the ridiculous animation!


Without a doubt, my favorite type of releases.

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This is great, but those animations of joy are just out of place :slight_smile:

Yes the reasons the guys are very happy is because the animation is originally a baseball celebration lol.

Very nice

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my server has fallen in love with this… was soooo abused lastnight for comedy though


Love to hear that man, feel free to post some screenshots!

haha we had 8 people stacked riding on a motorcycle and also the jetpack just for testing lol…

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How do you stack people? For me it drops the person already being carried or takes that person off of the person they’re already riding?

every new person needs to start the piggyback… neither of the 2 original can type it.

Worked to load the resoruces but when trying to join server it crashed and gave error about the resoruce :frowning:

else really nice idea! hehe love it :smiley: