[RELEASE] [PAID] [QB] Hunting Job

Hunting Job - QB Framework

Hunting job where you can place bait, hunt and sell. Easily configurable and optimized. Script usage is 0.01 on not use, 0.04 on use.


  • Bait system

  • Cooldown after placing baits

  • Cutting animal

  • Low resmon

  • Selling the goods



Fivem | Hunting Job | NoPixel 3.0 Inspired | QBCore - YouTube


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bro there is an hunting AOD hunting i thing your thing and his hunting is not different in your its just selling point which is not very hard to put nothing everything is same and that hunting is free

I don’t know about that one, I checked it out and saw that was for ESX.

@gutso you cant sell script for leaked frameworks

What do you mean by leaked? Qb has become official. QBCore Framework · GitHub

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qbus is forbidden here because it was leaked i reported and to reported tebex

and ao hunting is freee not paid

I wouldn’t know that, didn’t need to report though. You might’ve at least warn. Not report.

I reported it because I thought he did it on purpose. Fivem is tired of announcing it. We are tired too.

No, I didn’t do it on purpose. I wasn’t been around in this plaftorm a long time. It seems so many thing changed, I will be not posting the framework.

hmmmmmm looks a lot like NoPixel Hunting even some of the icons for the items. Anyways great work if you actually did make this your self with no rewriting.

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so good

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Yes sir, thanks for your kind comment.

Qbus is not forbidden and yes it is not a paid framework anymore anyone can get it. So stop giving out false information

There is still nothing official announcement about this. Qbus is having license problem under ESX. So which means we, the Qbus develepors can’t release our stuff here for a while. I tagged this post already but no mods deleted or warned me about this. I guess it’s still in progress and there is not a certain thing for it.

Hunting Update v1.1 (been a long time)

  • Nh-context & target added.
  • Menuv removed from the dependencies.

Hunting Update v1.2

  • Sniper rifle mod added.
  • Sniper scope changed and became more realistic.
  • Hunting store MLO added.
  • Removed qb-shops integration.
  • Changed the ped coordinates inside of the hunting store.
  • You can buy stuffs and sell goods by interacting with the ped.