[RELEASE] [PAID] [MLO] Multiple Interiors and Shells for housing scripts

This is a list of MLO interiors and shell packs you can find on our TEBEX STORE

Most of these are shell packs and each shell is basically just 1 shell interior made as 1 prop so it can be easily spawned under/over the map by housing scripts or similar. Some of them are empty but also some that are furnitured. You could use them for housing, motel/hotel, garage, robbery, stash house scripts or something like that. No scripts are included, but I would recommend using Loaf Housing
I really love the idea that you can customize your houses with furniture, but its even cooler to choose between so many shell interiors! From trailers, apartments to even mansions. :heart_eyes:

MLO Info
Simply add them to your ressource folder and start them in your config.
There is no meta proxies included in any of the MLO interiors, so if you are using Onesync make sure to add this to avoid flickering etc.

MLO Interiors:
TEBEX: Downtown Italian Pizza Restaurant

Vinewood Art Gallery

TEBEX: Pawn and Jewelry Shop

TEBEX: Muscle Gymnasium

TEBEX: Mirror Park Auto Repair

TEBEX: Westons Mansion

TEBEX: Banham Canyon House

TEBEX: Vinewood Modern House

TEBEX: XGems Jewelry

Shell packs: (Visit link for pictures of each shell and more info)
Each pack has 3-6 shells and there is like 15+ packs. So there is a lot to choose from, if you have any specific shell suggestions just dm me.
List of empty shells TEBEX: Empty shells
List of furnished shells TEBEX: Furnished shells


I wanted to release these 3 maps free so here u go! There shouldn’t be any bugs and I won’t provide any support for these 3 maps as they are a bit old. I will also be doing another free interior release soon. :heart:

Davis Library DavisLibraryV2.rar (6.4 MB)
FIB Extended Vault FIBHeistMLO.rar (2.8 MB)
PDM Dealership PDMcardealerMLO.rar (13.1 MB)

Feel free to ask any questions and I will try to be more active. Enjoy! :sunglasses:

MrBrown // K4MB1 MAPS


Helo MrBrun veri nice interiors you got here :slight_smile:

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Not bad at all very clean MLO’s, I will have to take some time to check them out when I can to see the quality version in action.

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Looks well as usual!

There is no meta proxies included in any of the MLO interiors, so if you are using Onesync make sure to add this to avoid flickering etc.

I read about FiveM adding automated process regarding proxies on OneSync and that was back in 2020. I ask about this, since I didn’t work with interiors just yet at all. And I’m curious, if anyone has updates on this?

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I do believe this is correct I have been using this method on my servers with no issues using Onesync, but also since this was released only a few hours back I would give it a day or so to see if those who are interested provide a review.

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Really cool MLO!
I would recommend you to my friends! :smiley:

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Where is the PDM mlo?

furnished shell link broken?

Next to pink cage motel

Wdym broken? dm me and I can try to help u :smiley: