[RELEASE] [PAID] Loaf - Store robberies

Temporarily disabled as I’m working on an update and it is not currently made for the latest ESX.

Loaf - Store robberies
Store robberies for ESX with lockpicking and clean animations. Runs @ 0.01ms.


  • Safe cracking
  • Animations
  • Reset stores
  • Police alerts
  • Anti Lua executor - kick people who try to abuse the script
  • Discord logs
  • One file where you can edit the language
  • Ability to require people to aim for a couple seconds before starting

Here’s a GitHub Gist of the config.
The script has been tested on a server with 400+ players and worked fine. Any issues, just let me know!


  • ESX, preferably v1 final.
  • OneSync with latest recommended artifacts

Really nice! Keep it up.

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Dont hesitate and buy it


Wow, this is just incredible. Is it server synced, is it obfuscated, etc?

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Yes, it is server synced. No, it is not obfuscated. :slight_smile:

I remember when this was free, hopefully it is better and less buggy if you’re charging for it…

Name similar, but not the same guy I suppose???

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Nice Thx For This Releas good optimization

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Its the same guy. But this is built much better and this has more feutures

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We use this script with about 500 players online, its just crazy good ! Cops rush from one robbery to another and its full of action ! We love it !


Hi ! I paid this beautiful script … how to up the time to rob ?

You could increase the rob time by going to client/client.lua and modify row 178

SetSynchronizedSceneRate(synchronized, rate + rate * shot_multiplier)

Change to something like this:

SetSynchronizedSceneRate(synchronized, (rate + rate * shot_multiplier) * (1/2)) -- where 1/2 makes it double the time

Thx !

THANK YOU! GREAT RELEASE!!! Cant wait to see more

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Hello, about to buy - but got a couple questions -

Is the store clerk speaking client sided? and can multiple people rob?

Am i able to add additional robbery locations?

I am currently using UTKs version, which works fine, but i like the idea of the clerk greeting you and also speaking to you while robbing.

Everyone nearby can hear the clerk greet you, see video.

Yes, you can add more locations in the config

awesome, thank you.

going to give it a shot!

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Hey Loaf! Thinking I’m going to replace our store robbery script with this.
We are using OneSync Legacy, not OneSync Infinity. Will that effect anything?

To be honest I don’t know the difference but both should work, as long as you are using the latest recommended artifacts.

Hey brother! I did this, but it actually slows down his movements and stuff too which looks super weird. He looks like a sloth, lol.

Any suggestions?

mm is posible robbery with knife, bat?