[RELEASE] [PAID] Loaf - Store robberies

By default you can not rob with melee weapons. You could add that by going to the config and changing ArmedFlag. For values, see: IS_PED_ARMED

having an issue where there is a significant delay when going to rob the peds; after about 20-30 seconds multiple peds are spawning after starting the robbery

it appears every store works fine aside from this one; Great script however im hoping theres a fix for this :slight_smile: its a pretty popular location otherwise i would disable this location


it appears it happens to any store, seems it might not be registering the store as robbale :+1:

I’ll look into the issue:)


Works, but need a config to activate it when u aim to shopkepper

Doesn’t play nice with onesync infinity. Will not clean up safes or the store clerks. Would like to see a version that addresses this.

Any fix for this issue? I have this as well. Multiple peds spawning.

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Working on a new spawning system, hopefully it will be finished this week but I can’t promise anything.

Oof… Script is pretty much unusable at this point :confused: We have like 9 shopkeepers at some points sometimes.

Yeah, I have no clue why it spawns mutliple clerks (I can’t replicate it either :/)

It is due to more than one person being in the server. You won’t be able to replicate it alone if you are trying it that way.

Update 2021-08-05

  • Config.Time, an animation is played before the “actual” animation is started. Value is amount of ms for this animation to play, use this if cops don’t have enough time to get to the scene!
  • Config.AllowCancel, allow people to cancel the robbery? The police notification will remain.
  • Clerks can now recieve guns, you can configure what guns they can receive and you can also configure the chance that a clerk equips a gun for each individual store.
  • Ability to rob with a knife


  • You can now configure the chance that a player receives an item when looting a safe.


  • Fixed an issue with multiple safes spawning
  • Possibly fixed an issue with multiple store clerks spawning

Something not working / errors? Post here or dm me!
Update found on same download link as berfore, if the update broke something, use “old3”.

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issue persisting after the update

New update (same download). Duplicate clerks should actually be fixed now, according to my testing.


Loaf has gone above and beyond so far in trying to get the duplicate ped issue fixed;

Thank you for the support so far !

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Nice - was waiting for that fix befoe buying :grinning:

good job

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Is this resource all file fully opensource sir?

yes, at the moment this script is not encrypted

Just wondering how this is coming? :slight_smile: