[RELEASE][PAID][ESX & QBCore] Tebex-Api Donationsystem

It’s a fully automated donator system which manages purchases autonomously via the Tebex Api. This means your players can redeem their purchases immediately. Thereby an ingame currency is purchased in your Tebex store which can then be redeemed in the ingame store for cases, vehicles, weapons, items or packs.

Showcase: https://youtu.be/efbcT8n_PrE

You can buy it here: https://shop.sky-systems.net/


Automatic sales managment trough Tebex-Api
Sell cases, packs, cars, weapons and items
Case system
Bonus case for coins spend
Show good wins to every player (configurable)


Translation file
Cases, items and packs
Own premium currency
Possibilities for case wins
Deactivate case animation and sounds
Open source file to adjust it to your garage system
And more…


All ESX versions and QBCore




Is the source code of the whole resource editable, or only the one for the garage system?

You can only edit the garage/vehicle part

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Kinda looks like grandrp not gonna lie

is this being maintained/updated regularly?

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yes it is

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Hey. The price is for month or everytime ?

Whats the difference between your 2 packages?

One is monthly, the other is onetime

hmm, the price is high for one month. Thanks.

200€… for real? i better buy cd lmao

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200€ is wayy to muchh for a script like that

If your server runs for 10 months, the 200€ version is worth more than the subscription. I assume that you will make a lot more money with this system than without it because you don’t have a direct link to the money but to your coins and for that the 200€ is worth it.

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200€ is only lifetime, if you cant afford it you can buy it for 20€ a month

Looks very nice!

looks nice, can i open the menu in game ?

sure, its a fivem script

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This looks super clean, but you should show how it actually works.
How do players actually buy coins? What rewards can you give them for the coins.
Really nice, but kinda copied from grand rp (if I’m not thinking of the wrong server)


i think for 100 euros many people would buy instant but 200 is way to much bro

you dont have to buy it for 200 euros you can also buy it for 20 for one month

You don’t seem to get it, the 20$ option is more expensive than the 200$ one, 200$ is a lot for a script like this and that is all he said which leads me to asking why you recommend the 20$ one as if it’s cheaper. And you’re talking about it as if it’s another version of the script with other features rather than it being the exact same thing but for an even higher price, for what you get that is.

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